How to choose a nickname for a hunting dog

Taking a hunting breed dog into the house, a person receives a faithful assistant and ally. And even if the dog is not involved in the hunt - he will always be there, accompanying him on walks, hikes, jogging. Such a pet may not be the best companion for relaxing on the couch, but as for any activity, its support is guaranteed. How to name such a four-legged friend, and what nicknames for hunting dogs - boys and girls, can suit dynamic dogs?

Features of choice

There are several types of hunting dogs - for some, a voiced voice is important, others need speed, for others the main advantage is endurance and fearlessness.

Naturally, when choosing a nickname, you should pay attention to the breed of the hunter, especially since the appearance, for example, of greyhounds and spaniels, is strikingly different. In addition, dogs for hunting can have both impressive dimensions and very modest sizes.

Names for hounds

Dogs of such breeds are considered the voice of hunting, they "raise" the game and drive it, without stopping barking loudly. This property can be passed in the name:

  1. The girl puppy can be called: Flute, Yap, Ringtone, Ringing, Gulka, Mischievous, Nursery Rhyme, Sonnet, Ditty, Shumka, Frisky.
  2. From foreign nicknames Bell (Bell) is suitable - a bell, Loud (Laud) - loud, Noisy (Noisy) - noisy.
  3. The boys are given names such as Alt, Get, Hooter, Help, Danube, Call, Screamer, Rumble, Whistle, Nightingale, Shumok, Chorus.

Nicknames for huskies

The little sled, like other representatives of the northern breeds, the nicknames associated with their homeland are suitable: Alaska, Snezhka, Snezhinka, Severin, Blizzard, Taiga, Snowstorm, Whirlwind.

In English, there are many sonorous words that can also be used as nicknames: Snow Dal (snow Dale) - snow distance, Frosty Heart - frosty heart, Drifty (Drift) - blizzard, Snow Hunte - snow hunter.

Kobelkov is also called no less beautiful: Bars, Buran, Hoarfrost, Fierce, Frost, North, Sable, Cupid, Baikal, Typhoon, Yakut, Yanychar.

Nickname for cops

Representatives of these breeds are universal - such a dog will go with his master in the field, and in the forest, and in the tundra. The main feature of the cops is their stance.

Among the traditional nicknames, one can note Dobyvayka, Dogonyayka, Violin, Laughter, Flute, Shumilka, Alarm, Singer, Bagpipe, Talker, Zurnu, Lute, Crybaby, Taratorka.

The name of the puppy-boy is Alt, Riot, Grail, Dark, Dash, Don, Carat, Lux, Light, Myth, Nemo, Peddy, Rio, Rokot, Frant, Chuck, Yar.

Nickname for girls of setters and setters

Beautiful, lean, active - that is what can be said about these dogs. Such a puppy is suitable for a short, sonorous nickname - Ara, Bloom, Diva, Daya, Darki, Fairy, Kira, Lady, Lema, Lyme, Nana, Magra, Fashion, Irma, Pride, Delta, Arrow, Stack, Scythi, Yuma.

Males of these breeds are often called Aztec, Ben, West, Cyrus, Lem, Myth, Ace, Fan, Charlie, Ponti, Rubin, Reef, Scythian, Sport, Chair, Rocky, Nero, Kent, Eychi, Day, Stack.

In fact, there are a lot of hunting breeds; representatives of some of them are rarely used for their intended purpose. They became full-fledged companions and excellent show dogs. Of course, this affects the nature of the animal and determines which nickname is best for the pet.

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