Hairless (naked) dog breeds

Dogs without a coat are perhaps the most original pets. If we consider representatives of bare breeds at the genetic level, then there are similarities, despite the fact that they appeared not just in different countries, but even on different continents. In total there are 4 bald breeds of dogs, each of which has an unusual appearance, special charm and charm.

Chinese Hairless Crested Dog

Among the bald breeds, Chinese crested dogs are very popular. What is the reason for such an interest in these dogs with ancient history? Over 2000 years ago, in China, they were revered as sacred animals, but world fame came only at the end of the 19th century, when one representative of the breed was introduced into the territory of Great Britain. Later, a trend was noted in America - people with scandalous fame began to start Chinese "crested".

The nature of the breed

If we talk about character, then such a pet is very sensitive, flexible, unobtrusive, smart and not aggressive. He gets along well with children and other animals. She loves her master, listens unconditionally and quickly forgets insults. But loneliness and a cold or rude attitude negatively affect his psycho-emotional mood.

Therefore, if family members are often absent from home, it is not recommended to start a puppy - a doggie will howl from melancholy and dirty. In general, the tongue does not turn out to be called "Corydalis" by quiet pets - they sharply react to extraneous noises, violently express joy and other emotions.

Features of Chinese Crested puppies and how to choose a suitable baby

If you need a baby as a pet, then you can consider all the options - with minor flaws, without documents. But experts caution - unscrupulous breeders can give out mixed breeds for purebred puppies, using various tricks.

If the puppy is acquired for further breeding and an exhibition career, then it is worth more carefully approaching the choice. It is worth taking a closer look at the conditions in which the pets are kept, and how the kids look. Healthy puppies are cheerful, active, have a silky coat.

When the owner thinks it is better to take a girl or a boy, then in terms of temperament, Chinese crested are very similar. Dogs are often more affectionate and outgoing. In the case of "Corydalis", future owners have a choice - to take a naked or downy puppy. By the way, in the litter of any parents, both individuals appear - nature made sure that the kids equipped with a fur coat would heat the rest of the brothers who did not have it. All down puppies appear if both parents are covered with hair.

Puffs also have documents, participate in exhibitions and breeding. Puppy fluff will be replaced by an adult coat, but it does not shed and does not have a specific smell, so there will not be any special problems. In addition, the color of the coat and hair of a puppy of this breed can change - black can turn blue, silver, fawn or white, and colored spots turn into one big spot.

Caring for such an unusual pet

When choosing a naked or fluffy pet, it is worth considering that in the first case you will have to take care of the skin, and in the second, the coat. The downy dog ​​does not need additional clothes, but the bald doggie needs a wardrobe for cool weather.

Hairless "Corydalis" can have both a small overgrowth in the head, limbs and tail, and a luxurious mane, "boots" and a fluffy tail. Pets that are well overgrown have a more spectacular appearance, but care for them is more complicated. It is possible to feed a Chinese crested dog with both natural food and production diets, but mixed nutrition is not allowed.

Mexican hairless dog

The name of the breed is very original and unpronounceable - "Xoloitzcuintle", and its history goes back several millennia. These hairless pets were used by the Aztecs in their ritual activities - the dogs were put on fire along with the body of the deceased owner. According to religious belief, Mexican dogs were dogs of the god of the world of the dead, and they escorted the soul of man to the world of spirits.

In addition, the indigenous tribes bred these animals for consumption. When xolo became more common and increasingly found on the mainland, rituals and eating them was forbidden, however, they did not achieve popularity.

The nature of the breed

Xolo - dogs with an original character, they are restrained, but at the same time good-natured. They have a very attentive look, they are distrustful of strangers, at least for the first time. Only pets are obtained from such pets, but the guards and the guard from them are so-so, the maximum that they can bark aloud if there is a danger.

By type of character, xolo are sanguine, they are intellectuals who are able to remain alone, but not to be nervous about this. Pets have a strong nervous system. They get along well with all family members, but they consider the owner to be the leader of the pack, unconditionally obey him and try to always be nearby. You can start a Mexican with a family that has other pets; the dog will calmly accept them in the pack.

Mexican dog puppies: features of choice

Kids of this breed are very different from adults - they are thick, stocky and exhibit remarkable activity. This should be the chosen puppy - short-legged, with a dull muzzle and the whole is covered with folds of skin. Later it will stretch out and turn into a tall, elegant dog.

On the territory of Russia, you rarely see a Mexican hairless dog, as it is quite rare. And as you know, the price of exotic species is quite high. In the country there are only a few nurseries involved in breeding xolo, and if you need a puppy with a good pedigree, you will have to go for a baby.

The minimum price for a puppy of this breed with a pedigree is 60,000 rubles, and a pet without documents will cost no less than 25,000 rubles. Naturally, in the latter case, there are no guarantees about the purebred origin and excellent health of the dog.

How to care for a Mexican hairless dog?

Such a pet does not require special care. And in food, they are very unpretentious and eat everything that falls into their bowl, so you should take care of a balanced diet of your pet. There is an opinion - since earlier dogs of this breed, consumed as food, were fed with plants, then xolo did not need meat food. But this is a dangerous fallacy.

The basis of the diet of these animals should be meat and offal. "Mexicans" can be given feed, but premium. And you should choose one type of food, not mixing, as there may be disturbances in the digestive system. A low-carb diet recommended a low-carb diet.

Dogs of this breed have sensitive skin, so frequent wearing of synthetic fabrics can cause allergies. They love walks and activities, so if the weather allows, you can do training.

It is not recommended to allow your four-legged friend to play with larger dogs - a possible injury to the pet. Even minor wounds and scratches should be immediately treated with antiseptic agents.

American hairless terrier

To many, these amazing dogs can seem very pretty, in addition, their excellent character refers to the advantages. The ancestors of American naked terriers are rat-catchers and rat terriers, and the breed was bred for quite urgent needs - the fight against foxes and rodents that harmed the farms of British farmers.

For a long time, dogs were bred exclusively for work and did not really care about their appearance. Dogs of the modern exterior are the result of gene mutations in the 70s of the 20th century, when among the offspring of the rat terrier, children who did not have wool were found.

The nature of the naked "Americans"

The former Pied Piper made excellent companions - energetic, active, smart, they are well trained and not stubborn. Thanks to the hunting past, these pets are distinguished by courage and fearlessness, are able to fend for themselves and their master. But without the need to show these qualities, they will not. In addition, modern representatives of the breed are not hunters, and their skin without wool is very vulnerable.

These dogs are brought up exclusively as friends and family pets, they love children and get along well with other animals. True, they can perceive small living creatures as game, nevertheless, a genetic predisposition must be taken into account. American hairless terriers need communication - they listen to the owners very carefully, and there is no doubt that the pet understands them.

Puppies and how to approach the choice

As with other hairless breeds, there are two types of dogs - hairless and hairless. In the first case, puppies are born with soft hair, which disappears by 1.5-2 months of age. In adults, the hair remains only in the area of ​​whiskers, chin and eyebrows. In downy dogs, dense, soft hair covers the entire body.

Puppies with the following flaws are disqualified: in the presence of unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism, aggressive or sneaky, with unilateral or bilateral deafness, cocksail, having hanging ears, albinos with curly or damaged hair, marbled color. When choosing a puppy from a private breeder, you should pay attention to these qualities.

The American Hairless Terrier is a rare guest in Russia. In the country there is only one nursery located in St. Petersburg, engaged in the cultivation of this amazing breed. In addition, the breed is not recognized in all countries, and this should be known before acquiring a pet if there is a desire to exhibit a dog at international exhibitions. But interest in the breed is growing, which means that perhaps soon it will probably appear in the international registry.

Content Features

Many owners agree that their pet is akin to a child and requires appropriate care. In the summer, his skin is smeared with sunscreen, in the winter, his pets are dressed in warm clothes and boots. In addition, the skin of these dogs gets dirty very quickly, which means that you will have to bathe your pet often - once a week.

Terriers, whether naked or woolen, need regular, active walking. For well-being and maintaining physical fitness, you should definitely deal with them on special platforms so that the pet receives the necessary load.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Just the name of these charming creatures with a funny crest on their heads is intriguing. In our area, the breed is the rarest, and in the homeland in Peru it is a divine being that protects the house and its inhabitants from dark forces. An amazing fact - the skin of dogs under the influence of temperature can change color - in winter it is lighter, and in the summer it becomes pinkish.

Disputes still do not subside about the origin of the breed - according to some sources, these dogs were brought to Peru by Chinese immigrants here, in accordance with others, they appeared here from Africa with nomadic tribes. But in any case, it is proved that the Peruvian hairless dog is one of the oldest breeds. Similar animals were depicted on ceramics belonging to the civilization that existed before the Incas.

Character Features

By acquiring a puppy of this breed, the owners become owners of a gentle and calm creature that quickly becomes attached to members of a new family. Such a dog will always meet with a bark of bark, thus expressing enthusiasm.

Peruvian orchid is a cheerful, noble dog, completely devoid of aggression, but treats strangers wary. Therefore, such a pet needs early socialization. In fact, Peruvian is a night hunter, who sleeps during the day, and in the evening becomes as active as possible.

If you need an apartment pet, balanced and not requiring much space, then the representative of this breed is ideal. However, in order to purchase such a dog, you will have to spend time searching and giving a tidy sum.

Orchid puppies: features of breeding and acquisition

Before you go to the kennel for an exotic Peruvian orchid, you should find out that there are three types of breed: miniature dogs whose weight does not exceed 8 kg, medium ones weigh a maximum of 12 kg and maxi - not more than 25 kg. In addition, there are individuals covered with hair and bald.

The “hairless” gene dominates and, when homozygous, is in a latent state. Therefore, a healthy, viable offspring can be obtained by mating hairless and woolly individuals. Otherwise, the puppies do not survive. The standard allows for different shades of wool. In bald dogs, the hair is present in the form of a tuft, there are also brushes in the ears and tail, and small areas on the legs.

When buying a puppy, you should definitely look at the following: the presence of albinism, malocclusion, and hair in places that are not marked by the standard are considered vices leading to disqualification of the animal. In Russia, the cost of downy and naked Peruvians is very different - the seller can give a baby with wool for 5000-10000 rubles, and a puppy from the same litter, but naked, for 50,000-80000 rubles. Well, bald dogs are expensive exotic.

How to contain an orchid from Peru?

Like other hairless dogs, Peruvian hairless must be protected from the sun and cold. But Peruvian naked is not recommended to bathe often, since the pH of the skin is very easy to disrupt. It is best to look for a special cleanser that is suitable for these hairless dogs. Otherwise, the care is the same as for other four-legged friends - cleaning the ears, teeth, eye examination.

General recommendations for the care of hairless dogs

As you can see, despite the overall quality, dogs that do not have wool have some differences. But there are a number of general rules related to their content:

  • Most breeds are native, that is, bred naturally, without the intervention of breeders. This indicates that naked dogs have excellent immunity. But this does not mean that they do not need regular vaccination, it is mandatory.
  • Skin is the weak point of such pets, especially its hairless part. It dries very often, so if necessary it is lubricated with fatty nourishing creams. But it is worth remembering that any sunflower oil is not suitable for these purposes and can cause burns.
  • Some representatives of such breeds do not have molars, which means that food should be grinded and given in small portions. And to strengthen the jaw apparatus, it is recommended to regularly give bones from the veins.
  • Yes, they do not tolerate prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and severe frosts, but if the temperature is not critical, you can safely go for a walk - such pets are not too gentle and vulnerable.
  • Clothing is best purchased from natural materials - your pet may experience an allergic reaction to synthetics.
  • Frequent washing can cause dermatitis, dryness and damage to the skin, so you should be careful in this matter.
  • In terms of feeding - all hairless and downy representatives of the breed require the same type of food - natural products or feed production. In addition, such dogs often have a food allergy.

Owners should know about the features of these breeds and take them into account. When deciding to purchase an exotic dog, you should not focus solely on its rarity. These unique pets require love, affection, attention, on the part of their owners, and most importantly, for feelings to be sincere. These animals acutely feel the falsity and worry, not getting what is necessary, they can not be treated rudely and coldly. Such a pet becomes not just a pet, but a real friend and family member.

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