How to wean a cat from dry food (whiskas, kitiketa)

Most cats simply love crunching food croquettes at any time. Therefore, the need to wean from dry food often becomes stressful for the cat. And it’s one thing when replacing the feed is the owner’s desire, and it’s quite another when switching to wet feed is necessary since it is more natural.

how to wean a cat from food: whiskas, kitket Animals, like people, are hostages of their habits, especially food. It is extremely difficult for many people to switch to an unusual diet, even understanding that it is important for health, what to speak of cats. Is dry cat food harmful? Cats are more gourmet and fussy, so it is possible that a new type of cat food a pet will eat reluctantly or even be from eating it. But this situation is stress not only for the animal, but also for the loving host.

Use the right feed:

  • Gourmet pastes;
  • spiders from Felix;
  • dry food Akana;
  • dry food hills.

Perhaps articles on the proper feeding of cats and tips on feeding British kittens will help you.

How to wean a cat from Wiskas, Kitiket and similar dry food

1. First of all, be very patient and try to understand that this is stress for the animal.

2. The transition should be smooth and gradual, take your time.

It can take 2 to 3 weeks to wean a cat from dry food.

After all, cat dry food, unlike wet, can stand all day in the feeder and the animal can eat when it wants. A wet food involves feeding 2-3 times, since it is impossible for a bowl of wet food to stand in the open all day.

3. The first 1-3 days, introduce a new feed into the diet at the rate of 90% of the old feed and 10% of the new feed (for example, holistic feed).

how to wean a cat to eat dry food - dosage of new food

4. No matter how stupid it sounds, but make an event out of it for the cat - talk to him when he comes to the bowl, ask him to eat, caress and praise when the pet has eaten, or at least tried new food.

5. If the animal perceives the new food quite normally, then by the 3rd day it is possible to increase the content of the new feed to 25% of the total amount of food. If, after 3 days, the animal reluctantly eats new food, then do not rush to go to the next stage, it is possible that your pet will need 2 or 3 times more time than others. This is not scary.

6. If the transition goes smoothly, then already at 4-5 days you can try to give the cat ¼ cans of wet food in the morning and ¼ part in the evening, leave 1 tablespoon of dry food in the afternoon, so that it is easier for the animal to switch to a less frequent meal.

7. Gradually increase the portion of wet food, make sure that the animal feels as comfortable as possible, do not immediately try to abruptly refuse dry food throughout the day.

8. A cat, which has become less likely to eat, can lash out at food and quickly eat the contents of the bowl, this will negatively affect digestion and well-being in general, therefore it is important to crush the wet food with a fork, as if smearing it in a bowl. Thus, the cat will have more time to eat more slowly, rather than swallow the food in whole.

9. There are times when, despite all efforts, the animal cannot completely switch to wet food, then you should consult with your veterinarian about the possibility of leaving 15-20% of dry food in the pet’s diet. That is, you will give very little dry food every day or, for example, 1-2 tablespoons several times a week.

10. Monitor the behavior of your pet and overall health throughout the entire period of the diet change. For any deviations from the usual do not neglect the advice of a veterinarian.

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