What you need to buy before the kitten

It is necessary to prepare for the appearance of a kitten in your house as responsibly as for the appearance of a newborn. You take a living creature to your house that will become a full member of your family, so you should not think: all he needs is a tray, bowl and food.

So what do you need to buy for a kitten so that the fluffy does not need anything, and caring for it does not cause you much trouble?

You already know how to choose a kitten and now I suggest discussing what products you need to buy for a kitten.

What is needed for a kitten in the first place? Good food like:

  • Royal Canin food for kittens;
  • dry food for kittens Hills;
  • Felix feed
  • wet food from Sheba.

We will divide the list of accessories for the cat into parts:

1. To organize proper nutrition, your kitten needs to buy:

what does a kitten need
  • Ceramic or stainless bowls for water and food. Ceramics and stainless steel are the best choice for your pet, they are easy to wash and hard to damage. You will need three bowls: for wet food, for dry and for water (it is better to take more). Do not buy plastic bowls, no one can tell from what material they were made
  • Choose the average depth of the food bowls. It will be difficult for a kitten to eat from an overly deep bowl, and a shallow bowl is often not very practical
  • Bowls on the stand will be more convenient for your kitten
Read an article on how to feed a kitten.

2. Care for the hair and claws of a kitten:

- Nail clipper. Several times a month, you need to pay attention and cut the claws. When cutting nails, you need to be careful so as not to injure the animal

- Comb brush. The hair of a cat requires careful care, which depends on the breed. For example, undercoat is important for the British, so you can not comb out it, use pidererki. The best option would be a rubber brush that gently removes the remaining hair without damaging the thick undercoat. Read how to care for cat hair

- A slicker will come in handy if nevertheless the tussocks are formed

See also: do-it-yourself claw-brush using video master classes

3. "Dirty things" kitten:

A dirty cat "pot" is absolutely unacceptable, since cats are very clean creatures. To clean up after the pet was convenient you need to purchase:

  • Toilet tray. Choose a tray so that the cat fits completely there, and that it has high sides that will prevent spilling of the filler
  • Cat litter. Modern brands do not allow unpleasant odors to spread, they are economical, and cats quickly get used to them. A kitten may not go into some fillers and shit anywhere, so you need to experiment with a choice
  • Convenient plastic scoop for cleaning. It must be kept clean, as they will have to be used daily. Wash it regularly to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria

4. Toys for kittens:

Cats love to play. Sharpen claws on a sofa or jump from a sofa to a chair; curtains will also be of great interest to kittens. But nothing can be done with little kittens - this is their nature. Therefore, to avoid conflicts, buy a kitten special toys.

  • Scarlet point. This is a rack with shelves that are entwined with ropes (sezal). The kitten with great pleasure will tear their claws. You will be glad that a similar fate did not befall your property or wallpaper.
  • Read my article on how to accustom to a scratching post
  • Balls This is one of the most beloved cat toys. And this love is preserved in the animal for life
  • Fishing rods with feathers (feathers on sticks) are a means of communication between a kitten and its owner, a tool for the emergence of friendship and mutual understanding.
  • Paper. Just crumple it into a ball shape and give a kitten

5. Transportation of cats:

Carrier for cats (metal or plastic)

Carrying bags. The most convenient means of transportation

Also do not forget about the means for cleaning the ears and rubbing the eyes. Here is my article on how to brush your cat’s ears.

Remember, having decided what the kitten needs first of all, you can make the kitten’s life more comfortable in the new house, as well as save your time and nerves in the future.

Watch the video: What Do You Need for a Kitten? : Pet Tips (December 2019).