How to teach a middle-aged cat to a new home?

How to teach a cat to a new house is of interest to those owners who have an adult animal or move with their pet. You can’t just relocate the cat and wait for it to endure such a change without stress. Like people, not only adult cats, but even a kitten, do not immediately get used to a new place of life; and due to the fact that they cannot understand what the resettlement came from, adaptation is much more difficult. Therefore, you need to help the pet and accustom him to change. Mistakes of the owner at the stage of getting used to a new house can cause the animal to become depressed for a long time, which is dangerous for his physical health. The experience gained by lovers of four-legged pets will help to accustom a cat to a new home.

Learning Mistakes

It’s easier to teach a kitten to a new place of residence than an adult animal. A number of common mistakes leads to the fact that the cat’s addiction to a new place is very difficult and difficult. For an animal, many trifles that are important to a person appear to be important during this period.

The main mistakes that prevent the cat from being accustomed to a new home are:

  • ignoring a cat - after moving it needs the maximum amount of attention so that it does not feel fear of loneliness, hiding in corners;
  • getting rid of old things familiar to the animal - having lost them, the cat is very confused;
  • introducing new animals at the same time as the cat moves to a new house - first you need to teach your pet to him and only after that introduce new ones. An exception are cases when it is necessary to save the life of a four-legged animal, which must be urgently brought into the family;
  • punishing the cat for improper behavior - often the cat is lost in a new place and can not immediately remember where its tray is located or the claw-claw is hanging. The owner can not punish the animal, which is experiencing severe stress after moving, but you must calmly accustom him to change. To do this, you just need to remind the cat where his toilet or scratching post is, referring him to them when the need is noticed. The cat gets used to everything new gradually. Soon, the pet will remember everything;
  • strangers in the house in the next 3-5 days after the cat relocates - for an animal, even very sociable, the presence of strangers in the house becomes an additional shock and prevents the owners from accustoming it to new housing. Therefore, we must try to provide the pet with a calm atmosphere for the first time.

If the cat is very emotional, it is recommended that in the first days after the change of residence give him a sedative, such as "Cat Bayun", strictly following the instructions.

Tricks of training

To make the cat easier to survive the move, do not completely destroy its world. A new home for an adult cat should have items already familiar to the pet. The animal will be easier to accustom to the changing conditions of life, if the owner will keep his previous things:

  1. litter;
  2. house;
  3. claw-point;
  4. Toys
  5. bowls;
  6. tray.

Most likely, when moving, there will be a desire to change them, since these old items rarely look attractive. However, for the animal they are very important, and when moving them you must take with you. Finding your belongings on the first day in a new home helps the pet to get used to it faster. When the cat settles in a new place, there will be no problems replacing them with others.

Many cats try to hide during resettlement and are not ready for a long time to begin to develop the territory of their new place of residence. In order to eliminate this problem as soon as possible, fragrant goodies should be spread out in different places in the apartment. Even the most cautious pet will not be able to resist and will go in search of refreshments, while exploring his new home. After examining it and making sure that there is no danger, the cat will get used to it much faster.

The adaptation period will be much longer if, in addition to the house, the cat has changed its owner and must get used to a new person. In such a situation, in order to accustom her, one must precisely learn from the previous owner about the habits of the animal and try to satisfy them. If a pet reaches out to people and wants to be cuddled, one cannot ignore his desires and refuse attention to a four-legged friend. When an animal, on the contrary, seeks to remain alone, it is not necessary to impose its society on it. Gradually, realizing that they love him, the cat will begin to make contact himself.

In order for the cat to easily transfer the move to a new place and get used to another house, first of all, she needs the love of her owners.

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