The cat sneezes and his eyes are festering.

Beloved cats also have a cold, because they are also living creatures. Not so long ago, a cat ran around the house, played and sat near the owners to be stroked. And now he got sick, the look is gloomy, lethargic. The cat's eyes are festering, and he sneezes and everything is accompanied by a runny nose. What is the reason and why is this happening?

About diseases

Infectious pathologies of a different nature interfere with the normal functioning of furry friends. When infected, the cat begins to sneeze, it appears snot and even purulent discharge in the eye area.

The list of deviations due to which the cat is sick and sneezes can be different, for example:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • metabolic disease;
  • external factors, for example, fleece to blood;
  • injuries
  • inflammatory processes;
  • and others.

You can’t do without a veterinarian. The pet sneezes, becomes anxious, nervous, eyes watery, and mucus flows from the nose. There certainly is not a joy. But you can decide on your own how to treat the cat. You should understand the essence of the problem.

Why make your own decisions

The consequence of the disease can be caused by different motives and, without making a conclusion about the correct diagnosis, the animal can be harmed.

List of contraindications:

  • If a cat's eyes fester and she sneezes, then this is not a reason to give her antibiotics right away. If the disease occurred with an improper metabolism, then this action of the drugs will only worsen its condition.
  • Treatment for inflammation caused by bacteria should only begin after clarification of the circumstances: which specific harmful microorganisms have settled in the body.
  • If the cat has a lack of vitamins, then medications will only negatively affect the body.

You should always start by diagnosing the condition of the animal, but it is not easy after detection when it sneezes.

Possible reasons

If the cat sneezes and has purulent discharge from the eye, then after examinations or examinations, it can be revealed:

  • Lack of vaccination and infection with rhinotracheitis. In this case, due to swelling of the mucous membranes of the eyes, suppuration occurs. This is a dangerous infection and decisive action is necessary, especially if the cat is young.
  • In conjunctivitis, pus is excreted from the conjunctival sac. In this case, there is swelling of the mucous membrane and the falling of the eye. It is necessary to do rinsing with a solution of furatsilina and hydrogen peroxide and injections with antibiotics are prescribed.
  • The kitten's eyes are festering, and at the same time he sneezes - this is an external indicator of a fluffy friend's malaise. But if a specialist made a diagnosis of purulent conjunctivitis, then perhaps this is the stage of a chronic disease - salmonellosis. It can tragically end in about a month. Therefore, it is worthwhile to timely comply with the doctor’s recommendations after the diagnosis and start treating the cat on the first day.


List of recommendations for cat lovers:

  1. A lot of cats in the house - it's great, they have a beneficial effect on the owners. But if even one of them sneezes and her eyes are festering, then you need to isolate her from everyone else.
  2. Periodically, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures: give vitamins, healing herbs, make sure that there are no injuries.
  3. For kittens, you should often rinse your eyes with a solution of baking soda or strong tea leaves.
  4. Even a small wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Give cats anthelmintic drugs periodically.
  6. In order to enhance the protective functions of the body, immunostimulants should be selected in consultation with a doctor.

If even slight deviations are found, a veterinarian should be visited.

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