How to put a hyperactive kitten to sleep

Little kittens that have been taken away from their mother have trouble sleeping. Although the animal quickly gets used to the new owner and the lack of relatives, it is difficult to put him to sleep at night. There is no clear instruction on how to put a kitten to sleep, because you need to choose an individual approach to your pet. Forums with the advice of those owners who went through this period will be able to help.

Active games

It is difficult for a small beast to go to bed with the owners, because this is the most active age. For an adult animal, it is often enough to install a multi-level house so that the pet uses up its energy during the day. But fluffy predators are usually too small for such designs, so they are not interested in them.

Even if during the day the kitty tries to explore the cat's corner, this is not enough, so the owner must run around with the kitten before going to bed, show him self-propelled toys and so on. The pet must run and jump for at least half an hour, only then will he get tired enough. Every day, an active game must end with a small portion of encouraging food.

You can watch special videos where owners try to put the animal to sleep after active games. Viewing can lead you to your own decisions. Typically, in a family with young children (over 5 years old), kittens are exhausted faster, so that at the same time you can quickly put the kitten to bed and wish the child a good night.

Corner arrangement

It will be easier for a kitten to fall asleep in the owner's bed, as a person is a necessary source of heat. But if you do not want to share the bed with the animal, from the very beginning you need to show him your rookery. The lounger should, if possible, be close to the bed, as the owner by his example shows that you need to sleep at night.

In addition, a kitten will be put to sleep by imitation of maternal presence. In the bed should be put:

  • A few pieces of natural fur, ideally, it should cover the whole berth of the kitten;
  • Bottle of hot water wrapped in cloth. The fluff of kittens often does not protect them sufficiently from the cold, so it is difficult for a small pet to fall asleep, and the warmth of the bottle will solve this problem;
  • Alarm clock wrapped in cloth. The ticking of the alarm clock the kitten takes for the heartbeat of the mother cat, so it lulls it.

The lounger should be in a place where it will be convenient for him to get to the SIM card with food and water, as well as the tray. Then the furry predator will not wake the owner at night because of its needs. A good solution is to teach the cat to fall asleep on his hands, after which he shifts it to the bed.

Personal example

To teach a cat to fall asleep at night will help a personal example of the owner. After feeding and active games, the owner must defiantly prepare for bed. Of course, cats don’t brush their teeth and do not wash off their makeup before going to bed, but the owner’s own preparations will attract the attention of the animal. If you repeat the same actions every day, the pet will predict the further development of events and go to bed himself.

In the first few days, the owner, after his own exercise, should indicate to the kitten his place: if the animal is sleeping in bed - take it with you, if it has its place - take it there. It’s difficult to accustom a cat to its own bed, so any pet’s attempts to lie down on it at any time of the day should be encouraged by food, attention and affection.

Putting a little kitten to sleep in an unfamiliar couch can be problematic. If he refuses to sleep in the place you need, try changing the cover on her. Perhaps the animal does not like the smell or dirt in the old rookery. Try putting your favorite pet toy there. However, in no case do not beat the baby for disobedience, this has the opposite effect and the kitten will no longer go to bed.

You can quickly train the animal to go to bed at night. You yourself won’t believe it when you realize that a year ago there were problems with this, and now an almost adult animal eagerly sleeps all night.

Watch the video: How to put a hyper playful kitten to sleep (January 2020).