What to do if a sterilized cat yells

Many owners of furry purls faced the following situation: they sterilized the cat, some time passed, and the animal screamed at night from the beginning of March. What's happening? Why is a sterilized cat yelling? We will understand the reasons. We will find out what is the reason for this behavior of the furry pet.

What operation was performed?

To find out why the cat yells after sterilization, it is necessary to understand what kind of operation was performed by the veterinary clinic. There are two types of procedures: castration and sterilization. These two procedures are different from each other. At the first, the ovaries are ligated or the uterus is removed, but they do not touch the ovaries. During this operation, estrus continues, but kittens cannot be. The hormonal background of the animal subsequently becomes unstable, and even in rare cases, pregnancy is possible.

Castration is the removal of both the uterus and the ovaries. In this case, estrus stops and the hormonal background after such an operation is more stable, since the adrenal glands are involved in the production of hormones.

The consequences of sterilization

If the first operation was performed on the furry purr, then it is clear why the sterilized cat is yelling. Instincts remained the same. In general, many veterinarians regard the sterilization procedure as animal mockery. After all, with such an operation, the owner dooms his darling to lifelong torment. Sexual instinct will manifest itself every time, but maternal instinct will never be satisfied. From this the animal will only suffer. In this case, the pet will experience explosions of the hormonal background throughout his life, and concerts at home are inevitable.

Castration Complications

If the castration operation was performed, and the cat yells at night, then most likely the procedure went with complications. Consider all the options:

  • Perhaps the operation was carried out during estrus. Then for some time after the cat is sterilized, instinctive behavior will be observed, as with sexual desire. She will meow, ask for a cat. It is necessary to wait for the restoration of the hormonal background (this is a period of about 3-4 months) and observe the behavior of the animal.
  • If the operation was carried out before the first estrus, and the sterilized cat periodically yells, then, for sure, it went poorly. Perhaps part of the ovaries remained undeleted. This affects the hormonal background. Therefore, the sexual instinct continues to work. This option is easy to verify. If the fluffy purr helps drops and pills, such as "Sex Barrier", then the operation went poorly. You should contact a veterinary clinic, be sure to do an ultrasound of the ovaries and, subsequently, sterilize again.
  • There is an option that the operation was carried out qualitatively, but late (at the age of 3-5 years). In this case, the behavior of the animal does not change, and the cat yells for no reason at night out of habit. In this case, she has no hormonal surges, and her behavior imitates preoperative one.
  • It happens that this behavior can be a signal to the owner about the health problems of a furry pet. In particular, a cat may periodically yell if it is disturbed by the adrenal glands.

What measures to take?

What to do in this situation? And is it necessary to pay attention to the behavior of the pet? The answer is unequivocal - it is necessary. If the situation is left to chance, then a sterilized pet can recover a cycle and such behavior will be regular. If it is not a matter of operation, then veterinarians recommend medication - It is necessary to inject the cat with a hormonal vaccine, such as covinan or depot-geston. This may need to be done twice. In any case, it is advisable to do this only after the recommendation of the veterinarian.

And finally ...

If a cat yells at night after sterilization, then do not panic and worry.

Watch the animal. Perhaps this is just a residual phenomenon that has a single character and manifests itself only by habit. If this behavior is repeated regularly and even more often than before sterilization, then this is certainly a cause for concern. In the second case, you should definitely consult a veterinary clinic.

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