At what age in cats does the first estrus begin

Feline instincts cannot be defeated! For a cat, estrus is a natural physiological process embedded in an animal by nature itself. For the owner, the time when the first estrus begins in cats is a difficult period of changing the behavior and habits of a beloved pet.

The female is struggling to free will in search of love and with the aim of procreation! Everything must be done so that the sexual hunt is comfortable for everyone in the house, without exception.

Cat flowing for the first time

A kitten in the house is both joy and care! The time of adulthood comes and the first estrus in the cat comes. A special feline behavior is the norm that speaks of the completion of the process of puberty of the animal. This means that the young female enters adulthood and is ready to reproduce offspring.

Important! The first estrus is one of the stages of the animal's sexual cycle, manifested by a positive reaction to the cat.

What time does the first estrus begin in cats? The time of its arrival may depend on a number of factors: the breed, sex and temperament of the animal, the conditions of its keeping and feeding, genetic and physiological characteristics. Average in cats, the first estrus begins at the age of 6 to 10 months. The complete readiness of the body for bearing and giving birth to kittens is completed by the age of 16 to 20 months. Maturity in males occurs by 10 months of life. Early mating for the pet is undesirable, as this can undermine its health and adversely affect future generations of kittens.

Characteristic signs of estrus

A valuable thoroughbred cat individual participating in breeding and exhibitions needs to select an equivalent breeding male for it. After the cat’s first estrus has occurred, the breeder selects the candidate for breeding in advance and prudently. The future of kittens from a breeding couple, the value of which is confirmed at competitions, is predetermined. They will also be involved in breeding, and are designed to maintain the breed.

If the age of the cat approaches, when it begins the first estrus, then the following symptoms are observed:

  • The genitals of the animal swell, there are abundant and transparent discharge.
  • Appetite, daily routine, and pet activity change.
  • The animal makes invocative and lingering sounds, inviting the male to continue the genus.
  • The cat assumes the characteristic posture of mating, demonstrating its readiness for mating with the male in all appearances.
  • The pet marks the territory. Urine with pheromones attracts the male to mate.
  • The cat becomes affectionate and loving, in every way attracting attention.
  • By obeying a natural instinct, the animal tries to escape, even if your pet is a homebody from birth.

How long does the first estrus take? It lasts a week, during which the characteristic signs first increase and then fade away. The next time it will occur after 2-4 weeks, provided that the pregnancy has not occurred.

The cat flows in stages

Interesting! Females of cat breed become sexually mature early, they are ready to bring offspring from six months of their life. Their fertility persists until old age - 8-9 years. Nature herself has taken care of the conservation of these amazing creatures on earth!

The process of sexual hunting takes place in 4 stages:

  • Proestrus. This is the initial stage, lasting 1-4 days. The animal behaves relatively evenly and calmly, the genitals swell, discharge begins, voice sounds are rare and still quiet.
  • Estrus. This is the main stage of sexual hunting, lasting 7-12 days. The first estrus manifests itself and the subsequent one with all the characteristic signs: behavior inviting for the male, active inviting exclamations, marking of the surrounding territory, desire for freedom. At the peak, all the characteristic signs of the pet become especially aggravated.
  • Metestrus. This stage lasts for a week, sexual activity and excitability are markedly reduced. When fertilization occurs, the female can respond to the male with aggression.
  • Anestrus. This is the final stage and time for a gradual return to the usual cat life.

The greatest sexual activity in cats is observed in early spring - in February and March, if the animal does not become pregnant, the female flows every 2-3 weeks.

Proper owner assistance

Need to know! Females and females are looking for each other using acoustic means - loud sounds and smell. A special gland located in the anus of the animal during estrus secrets a special strong-smelling secret. Mating partners search for odor.

The first estrus in cats from the age of six months is the beginning of a long and active sexual life of the animal, which should be controlled and with the participation of the owner. A cat can give birth to a healthy and viable offspring by the year of her life. Empty estrus and early pregnancy wear out the uterus, can lead to inflammation and the development of diseases.

Ways to solve feline sexual problems:

  • Surgery - sterilization and castration. This technique is acceptable for ordinary domestic cats that are not of exhibition or breeding value. After this manipulation, animals will never again be able to produce offspring. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and is very stressful for the animal. The process of moving away from anesthesia and wound healing require time and careful care for the pet.
  • Special preparations for regulating cat sexual hunting. This is a humane and effective method available for use when the first estrus has come in all cats. With the help of drugs that regulate sexual hunting, they affect the hormonal background even in valuable thoroughbred feline specimens. Modern drugs gently block sexual arousal and effectively reduce the manifestation of signs of estrus. They prevent an unwanted feline pregnancy and interrupt the process of sexual hunting, have a general sedative effect on the animal.

Cats begin to estrus from the age of 5-8 months, the frequency and duration of the cycle is an individual combination of features and physiology of each pet. Small and slender cat breeds more and more often flow than representatives of large and massive breeds. So, in a British cat, the first estrus starts from 7 months.

Persians and Siamese breeds flow more often and more actively than Scottish thoroughbred cats, the period of sexual hunting in them begins already from 4-5 months.

Representatives of the cat breed are active successors of a kind. For them, regular sexual hunting is a familiar pattern of life. The maturity of the animal sexually occurs early. What to do with the owner? The owner himself chooses how to regulate the sexual activity of the pet, taking into account the purpose of the animal in the house and its thoroughbred.

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