What to do if a cat wants a cat - how to calm

Professional cat breeders and ordinary lovers of these cute pussies sooner or later face a problem when the animal needs to walk. If the cat asks the cat how to calm her at home and is it worth it? At this time, the animal begins to behave quite actively - often calls for a cat, starts to swing on the floor, there are frequent urges to urinate. Owners such a pet's behavior brings discomfort. In addition, there is a need to clean the cat’s toilet more often, and night-time chants of the pet’s banal do not let you sleep.

The period when the cat wants and asks for the cat lasts 2 weeks. An adult female feels the need for mating 3 times a year.

Some pet lovers let things go by themselves. They allow nature to solve problems as it happens. If a cat continues to live the same life as always, she is looking for a cat herself, then the owners are then forced to solve the problem of growing kittens. After birth, babies are attached in every possible way.

How does a pet's behavior change when she needs a partner

Fuzzies become very active at this time, as the level of hormones rises sharply. In a confined space, the cat has nowhere to put in excess energy. She can be aggressive towards other pets, with whom she had had quite equal relations before that.

Especially a lot of problems arise when dogs and cats live together in a family. Large animals can, in case of aggression from the pussy, cause injury. In such a period, a lot depends on the position of the owners. If they manage to calm the passions, breed potentially conflicting animals to the side, then problems can be avoided.

In the case of significant excitability, the mustachioed beauty begins to mark the territory not only rubbing its face against objects, but also with urine. In addition, the animal may begin to scratch the furniture - and this is a significant damage to home comfort. In order to avoid such problems, you need to take care of the animal.

What should be done to calm the cat

The discomfort that accompanies the natural need for the reproductive function of the animal is easily eliminated. To do this, take the following measures:

  1. some owners simply lock the animal during estrus in a separate room - the bathroom;
  2. limit her stay in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen;
  3. trying to calm a cat who wants a cat with folk remedies;
  4. try to solve the problem with the help of a cat;
  5. direct excess animal energy into games;
  6. resort to the help of veterinary drugs.

It is difficult to say for sure which method is the best - it all depends on the specific situation.

What should be done in order not to use medicines

The option when pussies are isolated in a room is debatable. For a pet that is constantly indoors, such an exit will not bring significant inconvenience. In the absence of attention, she begins to behave more calmly. If a cat is used to constant walks on the street, this is a rather stressful situation.

Many owners try to help the cat when she wants a cat, involving her in outdoor games. Fluffy beauties are distracted from the problem, spend an excess of energy. Children take part in such games. The pleasure is mutual.

Do not discount hygiene factors. Cats, being naturally accurate animals, during estrus become even more demanding of external conditions. Untimely cleaned toilet can provoke irritation and aggression of pets. She can find a place for the toilet not in the usual place, but where she considers it necessary. To avoid additional problems, clean the tray more often.

For breeders, estrus is handled professionally. A cat of the same breed is selected, an acquaintance takes place, and after the appropriate time, cute thoroughbred babies are born.

Veterinary methods

Modern science offers not to injure the whiskers and not puzzle over the question - where to give kittens. There are several ways to calm a cat who asks for a cat. These are drugs that lower hormone levels and have a calming effect on the animal. More radical measures are resorted to when such methods of calming an animal do not have the desired effect.

Medications for solving the problem of estrus in pets include:

  • Herbal infusions ("Cat Bayun");
  • Drops ("Anti Stress");
  • Suspensions
  • Pills;
  • Various injections ("Covinan").

Before deciding on the choice of funds, it should be borne in mind that they all have side effects on the body of the animal. It is dangerous for the health of a pet to make a decision on such an issue independently.

In some cases, veterinarians recommend sterilizing a cat. Before deciding on such a step, one should weigh the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of sterilization

The positive aspects of such an operation include:

  • solution to estrus once and for all;
  • 100% result.
  • Comfortable conditions for the operation.

The problems that may accompany surgical intervention include:

  • Financial costs of the operation;
  • Irreversible changes occur in the animal’s body;
  • If you want to have a kitten, this will be impossible.

For many people, the cost of an operation to sterilize an animal is substantial. Therefore, with all the reliability, not all owners of barbel are resorting to this method.

After surgery in the body fluffy hormones cease to be produced. The nature of the animal is changing. The cat becomes lazy, sleeps and eats a lot. A playful animal turns into a slow domestic sloth. The sedentary lifestyle that the pet begins to lead, turns it into a cat that has gained a lot of weight. Metabolism is disturbed. As concomitant diseases appear obesity, problems with the liver, heart.

In addition, if you want to get a kitten from a pet and continue the birth after her death (and the feline age is not long), such an opportunity will no longer be real.

Folk ways to help the animal

Long experience of cohabitation of cats and people allowed to determine folk remedies for calming the cat. TO herbs that help the pet to calm down in a difficult period include:

  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
  • Melissa
  • Motherwort.

Some experts recommend using valerian in such situations. However, this question is rather controversial. Given the effect this plant has on the animal, such a tool is unlikely to help calm the cat.

Decoctions of herbs give a pet 2 times a day. More frequent use of funds can make the cat lethargic, lethargic. Such methods are acceptable for relatively calm animals. Oriental animals are more temperamental, estrus can occur 4 times a year. Behavior in a specific period in such cats is more aggressive. Accordingly, to address a more significant problem, radical measures are required. Veterinary drugs help out in such cases. To achieve maximum effect, you should show the pet to a specialist. He will appoint the necessary funds in order to calm the animal.

What to look for

Particularly cautious relationships require hormonal drugs. Their use must be carried out according to the scheme, which is attached to the instructions. Medicines of this action can cause uterine diseases - cancer, suppuration, diseases of the ovaries, mammary glands. Therefore, hormonal drugs can be used 1-2 times. The constant intake of such drugs is unacceptable.

Before starting the use of drugs to prevent estrus, it is necessary to read the instructions and clearly follow the instructions.

Caring owners, for whom the cat is a member of the family, responsibly approach the issue of aggressiveness of the animal during estrus. Understanding that it is possible and necessary to calm the hunt, they choose the most suitable option for the animal. At the same time, minimal damage should be done to the health of the pet. Households should pay more attention to their pet during this period, but at the same time, caress the animal less and stroke it so as not to provoke.

Following the advice of specialists, a balanced diet, creating comfortable conditions can solve the problems that arise during estrus in the animal, both for the owners and for the pussy.

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