How to clean the dog’s ears?

Ears and hearing in general are very important for the dog. Thanks to well-developed abilities to hear even the quietest sounds, a dog receives much more information about the world than a person. Therefore, each owner, having a pet, is obliged to take care not only of the appearance of his dog, but also to take care of his hygiene. One of the most important and crucial procedures that must be carried out on time is to clean your ears. And, although it seems that there is nothing complicated in this, you need to know how to clean your dog’s ears in order to effectively remove contamination, while not harming your hearing.

Let's take a detailed look at such a procedure as ear cleaning, and find out all its subtleties and features.

The structure of the ears: what is important to know

Different breeds of dogs have completely different ears. The shape of the auricle determines the frequency of cleaning, as well as special care for the ear.

For example, those breeds whose ears have undergone significant changes during selection require more careful care and frequent checks of the condition of the auditory canal.

But those dogs whose ears were practically unchanged, and have a natural look - practically do not need additional care: you only need to periodically check whether everything is normal with the sink.

From the inside, the entire surface of the dog’s ear is covered with small hairs, which, due to their structure, are able to effectively remove dirt and sulfur outward, preventing it from accumulating in the ear canal.

If the dog’s ears are often cleaned, then these hairs can be damaged, which will lead to a deterioration in natural cleaning. Try to resort to the procedure of ear cleaning only in extreme cases - when it is clearly visible that the ear does not cope with this function on its own.

Pets with Long Ears

It is also important to remember that dog care with long hanging ears is a must. Due to this addition, the ear is not cleaned well, and sulfur can accumulate, causing various problems. At least once a week, it’s worth looking at and probing your pet’s ears to find out if everything is normal with them.

If the ear is dirty, it smells unpleasant, or your dog is anxious and shakes his head - this clearly indicates any problems. Even if you know how to clean your dog’s ears, then in this case, you should still contact a qualified veterinarian. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor, because hearing is very serious, and negligence is unacceptable here.

What you may need for ear care

If you are confident in your abilities, and decide that you can handle it, then in order to conduct a quality ear cleaning procedure at home, you will need:

  • cotton pads and ear sticks;
  • special wet wipes to care for the dog’s ears;
  • cleansing lotions;
  • special powder for cleaning the ears;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Cotton pads and ear sticks will help remove sulfur, as well as dry your ear after using cleansing lotions and other care products. With gentle movements of the cotton wool, sulfur is also removed from the external auditory canal, if necessary.

Special wipes are impregnated with solutions that help cleanse the ear. These products soften sulfur, and perfectly care for the delicate skin of the inner ear. Sold at all pet stores, and are quite inexpensive.

Cleansing lotions and powder are specially designed products that facilitate easy cleaning of the dog’s ear canal from sulfur and dirt, without the use of additional tools or equipment. Knowing how to clean the dog’s ears at home, you can easily perform this procedure, having the right tool. Thanks to a large selection of such fluids, owners with different income levels will be able to choose the right lotion or powder.

Hydrogen peroxide is also used to clean the ears, but only in situations where special products are not available.

No vinegar (and other aggressive solutions), alcohol (or alcohol-containing liquids). It is best to replace these fluids with special lotions.

How to clean your dog’s ears at home

Call your pet, and in a calm voice speak with him, examining the ear. It is important that the dog does not worry, and does not break out - the quality of cleaning depends on this. Inspect the ears, and if necessary, wipe the visible parts with a cotton pad moistened with lotion. If you suspect that there is also sulfur in the channel further, use a cotton swab.

Wipe the inside of the ear with gentle movements - do not be afraid to damage the eardrum - it is deeper in the ear, beyond the bend of the canal, and knowing how to clean the dog’s ears with a stick is practically impossible. After removing all the dirt, pat the pet’s ear with a napkin, and at the end of the procedure, be sure to give him an encouraging treat.

If you have a special tool for cleaning the ears, then you should lay the pet on its side, and gently massaging the auricle from the outside, pour a small amount of liquid directly into the ear. After spending a few minutes pressing and massaging your ear, you will help the product effectively dissolve and remove all sulfur from the canal. Blot the spilled liquid with cotton wool - cleaning is complete. If the dog during or after the procedure wants to shake his head - do not interfere, because in this way he helps the excess fluid to leave the ear.

Video about cleaning your dog’s ears

If you want more clarity about how to clean your dog’s ears: a video on processing the ears is below:

This is how the dog’s ears are cleaned at home. If you don’t understand something, or some part of the procedure raises your concerns, it’s better to go with your doggie to the veterinarian, and there they will help you quickly and efficiently clean your pet’s ears.

Follow the health of your dog, because, as the Little Prince of brilliant Exupery said - We are responsible for those we tamed!

Still have questions? You can ask them to the veterinarian of our site in the comments box below, which will respond to them as soon as possible.

Watch the video: Cleaning A Dog's Ears - Veterinary Training (December 2019).