When kittens open their eyes

A kitten is born completely helpless, unable to see or hear. The only thing he can do is suck milk. Amazing metamorphoses of turning this defenseless creature into a playful and curious animal occur gradually. Many pet owners are worried when kittens do not open their eyes for a long time. The specific time of "insight" is an individual process, depending on a number of factors. Even babies from the same litter begin to see at different times.

When kittens open their eyes

The eyelids of the newborn kitten are tightly closed and only after 5-10 days they slowly open slightly. In some cases, the palpebral fissure appears only at the end of the second week. Every day it becomes wider by about 1 mm, so a few more days pass until it opens completely. It is noticed that in kittens located in a darkened place, eyes open earlier than in those placed in a well-lit room.

The iris remains cloudy for a long time and is covered with a bluish film. The kid is able to distinguish between light and darkness, to see the outlines of objects. Full vision in a kitten appears no earlier than a month old. Finally, eye color is formed by 6 months.

In the first days after opening the kitten’s eye, it is recommended to keep the kitten in a darkened room so as not to damage the pupil with bright light.

Factors Affecting the Process

How many days kittens open their eyes after birth depends on several reasons. This process is affected by:

  • Breed. Shorthair cats see sooner than their relatives with a long fur coat. Ragdolls begin to open their eyelids in the third week of life. Sphinxes are often born already with ajar eyes. The British, the process of opening the eyelids begins on the ninth day from the moment of birth. Representatives of the eastern breed develop a little faster and begin to look at the world on the sixth day.
  • Floor. Girls open their eyes before boys.
  • The age of the mother cat. The older she is, the more active her offspring.
  • The gestational age of a cat. The longer the process of carrying kittens lasted, the earlier they will be able to see the world around them. It happens that in a cat that has passed the gestation period, the cubs are born already with their eyes open.
  • The health status of cats and kittens. The absence of diseases during pregnancy, good nutrition contribute to the birth of healthy babies. The eyes of such kittens open in a timely manner. Delays in this process occur when a cat has viruses in the body, kittens have diseases or developmental disorders.

In addition to these factors, heredity, the number of kittens born, and living conditions are also important.

Possible problems

Before the kitten turns 3 weeks old, there is no reason to worry about unopened eyes. However, careful observation of the kids will allow you to timely detect existing deviations. It can be:

  • Eyelid fusion. In this case, the eye sockets swell, purulent discharge is found at the edges of the eyelids. If the fusion is partial, a gentle massage will help. Previously, the eyelids are soaked with tea leaves. After the procedure, wipe with boric alcohol. Complete fusion, when the eyelids are closed tightly, surgery is required.
  • Conjunctivitis. The disease can occur as a result of infection, trauma. The eyelids swell, their clumping occurs due to dried purulent secretions of a dark brown color. To soften pus and remove it, use a weak solution of tea. The procedure for cleansing the eyelids is carried out several times during the day. Instead of tea, you can use special pharmaceutical solutions that the veterinarian will pick up. Usually after 2 days, the condition of the eyes improves. If this does not happen, conduct a laboratory study of the expiration in order to identify the causative agent of the pathological process. Based on the results obtained, subsequent treatment is built.
  • The birth of a completely blind kitten is a rare occurrence. Usually a birth defect is compensated by the more developed other sensory organs - hearing, smell. Such cats are very well oriented in space and are almost no different from healthy ones.

If there are no signs of inflammation, do not worry about kittens not opening long eyes. So, you still have to wait a bit.

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