ProPlan food (Proplan) for dogs

Perhaps one of the most popular diets on the domestic pet product market is Proplan food for dogs of all breeds. This is explained quite simply - quality advertising and just ubiquity are doing their job. Let's look at this food in more detail and find out what is hidden behind a well-known brand.

The manufacturer of this feed brand is Purina, a member of the Nestle conglomerate. Everyone knows the products of this company, among which it is worth noting Darling food, as well as Gourmet and Friskis. Although the quality control at the plants works at its full potential, many consumers began to complain about the quality of the feed, especially recently - when the production opened in Russia. Increasingly, not very flattering reviews about ProPlan dog food began to appear. In particular, some breeders complain of allergic reactions and indigestion in four-legged friends, and blame the food for everything. But is the food to blame?

According to the manufacturer, this brand of food belongs to the super-premium segment, and guarantees your dog a full daily diet. To find out if this is actually so, we will analyze the ProPlan assortment in detail and study the composition of one of the brand’s most popular feeds. So let's get started.

ProPlan Feed Range

It is enough for a simple layman to look at a shelf with Proplan in a pet store to be immediately taken aback. And there is something: in the laboratories of the company 9 main groups of feed have been developed, each of which in turn is divided by the size of the dog, its age, activity, and special needs.

In total, Purin Proplan dog food includes about 30 varieties, plus 10 special veterinary diets. It's just that your head is spinning, isn't it? However, with a detailed examination, everything is much simpler - you can easily choose the right diet, because you know the breed, size and age of your dog for sure.

The manufacturer offers the following formulas:

  • Optistart - Nutrition for puppies. At the heart is chicken. It is divided into small and dwarf breeds, medium breeds, large and athletic large breeds. A special supplement - colostrum, is designed to help a growing body develop properly.
  • Optihealth is a quality food for healthy active dogs. The basic ingredient is also chicken. Divided by the size of the dogs, as well as food for puppies.
  • Optiage is a chicken nourishment for older dogs. This Proplan food is intended for dogs of small breeds older than 9 years, and medium with large breeds older than 7 years.
  • Optiderma - diets for pets with sensitive skin. In order to avoid allergies, chicken was replaced with salmon meat. A division by breed size and age is also present.
  • Optidigest is a special food for animals with digestive problems. For their sensitive stomachs, lamb meat was chosen as the basis. There is a division by the size of the rocks.
  • Optiweight is a food specially formulated for castrated watchdogs, as well as full-bodied pets. An increased protein content and reduced calorie content are what distinguishes it from other diets. The basis is chicken.
  • Optipower is a special feed formula ideal for working dogs as well as active pets that consume a lot of energy. Chicken meat is designed to meet the needs of "zinger" in calories.
  • Dental Pro Bar is a food that helps keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Of the cereals, rice is used here, and such nutrition exists only for adult dogs.
  • Duo Delice is a special development of Purin's company: several types of croquettes are contained in the feed - hard and soft. This allows you to satisfy all the needs of the most capricious dogs, and increases food intake. The basis of this type of feed is rice in combination with beef, or chicken. There is also a Duo Delice with salmon. The division is only into small breeds, and adult dogs.

This we have considered only the basic formulas designed for the daily nutrition of your dog. Purina also has Proplan dry food for dogs with a variety of medical conditions. It is distinguished in a separate line of 10 items, and is called veterinary diets:

  • Hypoallergenic - hypoallergenic food (with purified protein and hypoallergenic cereals);
  • Convalescence - rehabilitation nutrition (easily digestible animal feed during recovery from injuries and operations);
  • Gastrointestinal - a diet for animals with digestive problems and impaired pancreas;
  • Hepatic - food for dogs with a sick liver (contains a low percentage of copper and a small amount of protein);
  • FortiFlora - nutrition containing probiotics (to maintain proper microflora in the intestines);
  • Obesity Management - food for dogs with obesity (low calorie content and high percentage of protein);
  • Renal Function - for the maintenance of diseased kidneys (low percentage of phosphorus and highly purified protein);
  • Urinary - for animals with problems of the urinary system (maintains urine pH within normal limits, and prevents kidney stones from forming);
  • Joint Mobility - a food created to maintain the joints of dogs of large breeds (contains omega-3 fatty acids);
  • Dermatosis - Food for dogs with skin problems (low protein reduces itching).

The composition of the feed Proplan for dogs

As a test subject, we took one of the most popular rations (judging by the number of reviews on the Internet) - Pro Plan Optihealth for an adult dog of medium breed size. According to the manufacturer on the official website, this food is designed to maintain teeth and gums in excellent condition due to the content of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. It also has a positive effect on joints and intestinal microflora.

What is such a useful food made of? But from what:

  • The first component is dry protein from poultry
  • Wheat follows
  • The third component is corn
  • The fourth is chicken (14%)
  • The fifth is animal fat.

As a rule, the bulk of the feed is the first five components, followed by nutrients, the amount of which is much less. Among them - dried beet pulp and rice (which is only 4%), then - a flavoring additive for food. Next comes gluten, corn flour, and such a component as a plant-derived product. Already at the very end are minerals, fish oil and a vitamin complex. In last place are antioxidants.

Here it is. It would seem - such an advertised feed, and the composition leaves much to be desired. Let's analyze the guaranteed content of substances:

  • Proteins - 25% (average);
  • Fats - 15% (normal);
  • Ash content - 7.5% (slightly below normal);
  • Fiber - 2.5% (also below the norm for dry feed).

There is not a word about carbohydrates in the composition and in guaranteed content - the manufacturer may not indicate this indicator. However, by simple mathematical addition, we learn that about 40% of carbohydrates is quite a lot. Also, the moisture content is not indicated, so we will take the average value for dry feed at 10%.


As the protein base is indicated protein from poultry and chicken. Basically, chicken protein is a deeply processed product that contains only protein. Everything useful that was in the raw materials before processing is simply lost, therefore, dry protein is considered a low-quality component of dog food.

Chicken, which as much as 14% is a good nutrient, but it is worth remembering that we are talking about chicken in general - a whole poultry carcass goes into production. In addition, moisture will be removed from the raw material after processing, and the percentage of chicken will be significantly reduced.

Gluten is also present in the feed, serving as a source of vegetable proteins. Often causes allergies, and therefore can not be highly regarded as a source of proteins.


Everything is very scarce here - animal and fish oils. Fish oil is the last but one in the list, which means its content is negligible. Although as a source of lipids, these raw materials are highly valued.

Animal fat is an undesirable component in animal feed. The fact is that under this formulation often hide low-quality beef and pork fat, poorly digestible by dogs. In addition, the quality of the feedstock is also unknown, so this is more likely a minus for the feed than a healthy component.


As we said, the manufacturer "forgot" to indicate the carbohydrate content in the feed, and here's why. Judging by the list, the feed is almost half composed of cereals and their derivatives (wheat, corn, gluten, corn flour). It does not bring anything useful to the dog - in its stomach it is simply not absorbed, and, let’s say, it comes out in its original state. This is a definite flaw!

Additional ingredients

The source of plant fiber is the beet pulp and the mysterious product of plant processing. If everything is clear with beets, and it can be attributed to relatively useful products, then the mysterious “processed product” raises many questions. What is behind this name? What benefits does it have for the body? All these are unanswered questions.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about the flavoring additive. The company does not hide the fact that they add a substance of unknown origin to Purin's Proplan dog food, designed to enhance the attractiveness of animal feed. It turns out that without this component, doggies would simply not eat this food? In general - definitely a minus for the content of flavorings.

Vitamins and minerals are mentioned in passing, and most likely, a ready-made basic premix containing the necessary minimum of elements and vitamins was simply added to this diet.

Antioxidants are in last place on the list. This means that their number is very small, and in addition - the origin of this nutrient is unknown. In principle, it’s good that they are in general, but whether they are enough to benefit the dog is a big question.

To summarize, we can say that this feed can be assigned to the premium segment, but not to the super-premium one. It will be a worthy substitute for the economy of nutrition, but it is difficult to call it particularly useful.

Reviews about Proplan Dog Food

Due to the availability and relatively low price, these feeds have long conquered the market. Many owners have been buying it for many years, and therefore a huge database of opinions and reviews about these diets has accumulated. Let's explore the most striking of those we found:

Svetlana, mistress of York Mark:

"Our breeder gave us a pack of Proplan along with a puppy, and in principle the dog likes food. With age, we change rations, but we don’t switch to other food. The dog is lively, cheerful, there are no problems - I think that food plays an important role in this."

Alexander, Husky Purga:

"At one time, we decided to transfer the dog from natural nutrition to dry food. On the advice of a friend I bought a pack of Proplan for active dogs. The planet didn’t know such diarrhea! The stomach barely reassured me, and the veterinarian said that we should buy more expensive food. Since then Proplan attitude is wary! "

Jeanne, owner of the Basset Hound Bori:

"The bedriddler’s fight doesn’t really like to run, and therefore a weight problem began to appear with age. Our veterinarian advised me to transfer the dog to the Pro plan for weight loss. Since then, the problem has gone, we are feeding food for those prone to fullness, and everything is in order."

As you can see, opinions are very different. We believe that most of the negative reviews are not to blame for the food itself, but for the dogs' personal susceptibility to the components or a sharp change in nutrition. Most of the reviews, however, are positive.

However, there are reviews of veterinarians about Proplan dog food. True, they relate mainly to veterinary diets: doctors agree that these feeds can support the body in case of illness. However, if possible, doctors advise switching to more expensive brands of super-premium or holistic nutrition. They also have veterinary diets, and much better ones.

Feed price

In conclusion, I would like to talk about such a thing as cost. Dog food Proplan, whose price is not so high, is in the middle segment in terms of price / quality ratio. The average market prices for this product today are as follows:

Forage Proplan for adult dogs of small breeds: 0.7 kg. - from 320 rub.

  • 3 kg - from 1200 rub.
  • 7 kg - from 2600 rub.

Proplan for adult dogs of medium breeds: rub.

  • 3 kg - from 1,030 rubles.
  • 14 kg - from 4250 rub.

As you can see, this food cannot be called very expensive, and most breeders can afford it. We wish your pets good health, and recall that the veterinary diets of Proplan feed can only be bought as directed by the veterinarian. Otherwise, you risk seriously harming the dog’s health!

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