Massage for cats and cats during constipation

Normally, cats and cats should go to the toilet in large quantities at least once a day. With age, bowel movement is acceptable every 2-3 days, as the metabolism slows down. If the animal has problems with stool, in particular, its delay, we are talking about constipation. A caring owner should be vigilant, since ignoring disturbances in the work of the intestine is fraught with sad consequences, including death.

How to massage a cat with constipation

Irregular emptying leads to intoxication of the body with decay products, increases the load on the heart, provokes a malfunction in the liver and kidneys, and causes problems with hair.

Cats and older individuals are more prone to constipation.

There are several methods to combat constipation. So, the veterinarian can advise the pet to drink petroleum jelly or diluted raw water with condensed milk. Effective and normalizing intestinal microflora (for example, "Dufalac"). In the end, a cleansing enema will help. However, it is allowed to resort to these measures only after consulting a doctor, but a cat’s abdominal massage will not be superfluous in any case.

Intestinal massage is one of the most effective means of combating constipation. As a result of the procedure, the movement of feces and natural bowel movement occur.

Before the procedure, try to relax the pet. Put it on your lap, previously covered with a towel or diaper, stroke, calmly talk, gradually moving directly to the massage.

For 5 minutes, gently massage the cat’s stomach with two hands clockwise, moving from the chest to the anus. To enhance the effect, you can lubricate the anus with vaseline oil or baby cream. Use ear sticks to complete this procedure. As a rule, after a few minutes the animal runs to look for a tray.

If problems with stools happen regularly, then do not abuse the bowel massage, show the cat to a specialist to identify the cause. The same should be done if the animal does not tolerate massage manipulations.

Preventative measures

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Constipation is not considered an exception. So that your cat never needs a bowel massage, you should follow some simple recommendations:

  • Comb the animal regularly. The fact is that cats tend to swallow their hair, which accumulates in the colon and prevents normal bowel movement.
  • Provide your pet with a balanced diet with enough fiber and macro and micronutrients. This is not as difficult to implement as many people think! Get feed of super premium class, daily give the cat a tablespoon of steamed bran, do not neglect boiled vegetables (cabbage, carrots, etc.) and cereals.

  • Watch for drinking. Cats drink little, but liquid should always be freely available. Do not forget to change the water in the bowl in the morning and evening;
  • Do not encourage pet passivity. Buy him toys, play with him more often, walk in the fresh air. Remember - the more he moves, the less likely that he will encounter problems with the digestive tract.
  • Systematically (once a quarter) give the cat antihistamines, as parasites are often the cause of constipation. The necessary drugs are sold in veterinary pharmacies, the doctor will help calculate the dosage.

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