Nobivak for cats and cats

Vaccination is a very important procedure necessary to protect the health of the pet from common infectious diseases. One of the most popular vaccines is Nobivak for cats and cats. However, responsible owners have many questions about how safe and effective the drug is.

What are the types of Nobivak vaccine for cats and cats?

Inoculations need not only thoroughbred, but also yard animals. The correct type of vaccine is chosen by the veterinarian after examining the cat. If the pet in the house is alone and the owners do not plan to let it out, it will be enough to buy Novibak Tricat Trio and Rabies from the Dutch manufacturer. Cats that will be outside the apartment in open contact with other animals are additionally vaccinated with the following drugs:

  • Nobivak Bb (from bordetellosis);
  • Nobivac Ducat (as a replacement for Ducat for animals with panleukopenia).

The price of Nobivak for cats varies from 500 to 700 rubles per bottle, depending on the chosen veterinary pharmacy.

When do kittens need to be vaccinated?

Instruction for the Nobivak Triquet Trio vaccine for cats provides for the first injection at 9 weeks, and the second after 12 weeks. At the initial stage of a kitten's life, such protection will be enough.

At 9 weeks old, the veterinarian also decides to vaccinate the animal with Rabies. According to the instructions, cats receive their first rabies vaccine in 3 months. But if an unfavorable epidemiological situation is observed in the region, then Rabies is administered together with Triket Trio at 9 weeks. In this case, rabies revaccination is still carried out at 12 weeks.

It is worth considering: the instruction for Nobivak for cats clearly indicates that the animal’s body does not receive full protection immediately after the first vaccination. Only after the second injection, which is done at 12 weeks, does the kitten develop specific immunity. In the period between the first and second vaccination, it is recommended to protect the pet from contact with other animals. And to maintain immunity, it is worth repeating the vaccination every year.

What diseases does Nobivac Tricat Trio protect against?

As the name implies, the Tricat Trio vaccine protects the animal from the three most common diseases.

  1. Calicivirosis is a contagious infectious disease that can trigger mouth ulcers, a complete lack of appetite, and even pneumonia, which is deadly for cats.
  2. Rhinotracheitis - affects the respiratory tract of an animal. The disease is associated with calicivirosis and is sometimes called “cat flu,” because it causes all the classic symptoms, including fever, sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge. The danger of the disease is that it can be fatal for kittens and old cats. Also, the instruction prohibits vaccination if the animal already has the above symptoms.
  3. Panleukopenia (trigger parvovirus) is a very contagious disease that in most cases is fatal. The danger of parvovirus is that it survives in the environment for a long time and can be brought into the apartment on human shoes. Thus, even domestic cats that have never been in contact with other animals are at risk.

Panleukopenia affects the bone marrow, causing a deficiency of all blood cells. Also, parvovirus can infect the brain of very small kittens, causing irreversible damage, which leads to death. The most obvious symptoms of panleukopenia are vomiting and diarrhea.

Attention! If the animal has survived panleukemia, only the Ducat vaccine is used for vaccination, but not the Tricat Trio.

Why vaccinate the animal with Novibac Rabies vaccine?

In order to prevent rabies, the Nobivak Rabies vaccine for cats and cats is prescribed. The instruction categorically prohibits the administration of the drug to weakened animals. In exceptional cases, a decision is made to vaccinate kittens and pregnant cats. The drug is safe for humans, since the suspension consists of cells inactivated with beta-propiolactone.

Despite the widespread use of vaccines, rabies remains the cause of most pet deaths. The carriers of the disease are wild and domestic animals. Rabies vaccination must be carried out not only to protect the health of the cat, but also for its own safety. In 2016, more than 50,000 people died of rabies, of which about 45% were children.

Rabies is an incurable disease. Therefore, if the animal has dangerous symptoms, the doctor conducts euthanasia. The situation is complicated by the fact that the first stages of rabies in cats is very difficult to notice. The animal becomes lethargic, avoids contact. Only in the later stages do breathing problems develop, which lead to death.

How safe and effective is the Nobivac vaccine for cats?

The manual states that all types of Nobivak vaccines are “live” and are made on the basis of a special culture fluid of an inoculated cell line infected with the corresponding viruses. To ensure the safety of animals and humans, all pathogenic strains are inactivated. This means that the activity of the viruses will be sufficient so that the pet's body begins to produce the necessary antibodies. But at the same time, the development of a full-fledged disease after injection is excluded.

Attention! There is a misconception that vaccines can help if the animal is already sick. But with the appearance of any signs of the disease, it is strictly forbidden to administer Nobivak preparations. Violation of this rule may lead to poor health of the pet.

If the vaccination was carried out by a professional veterinarian after a thorough examination of the animal, no side effects occur. In rare cases, slight swelling is observed in the area of ​​skin puncture. Guaranteed duration of the developed immunity: 1 year (subject to the use of the original unexpired drug). After this period, revaccination must be carried out.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Instructions for use for cats

It is recommended to store Nobivak at 2 ° -7 ° C in a closed bottle for no longer than 3 years; after opening the bottle - no longer than 30 minutes at room temperature. It is worth considering that prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures can adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug. After the expiration date, it is necessary to disinfect the drug, and only then throw it away. If Novibak was purchased for home use, it is recommended to take the ampoules to the nearest veterinary pharmacy or clinic for disposal.

General directions for administering Rabies are similar to conventional injection technology. Shake the vial and add 1 ml. suspension subcutaneously. Before the introduction of Triquet Trio, it is necessary to add a special solvent to the ampoule, and only then do an injection to the animal. For manipulations only sterile syringes are used.

Important! Despite the fact that the manufacturer indicates an almost complete absence of side effects, there is always a risk of developing individual intolerance. Anaphylactic shock is especially dangerous. In the veterinary clinic, the animal will immediately receive first aid. But if the vaccination will be carried out at home, then it is worth buying an ampoule of adrenaline. If suffocation occurs, administer 0.5 ml. funds subcutaneously and take the animal to the clinic for further assistance. It is better not to save on the health of the pet and immediately entrust the vaccination to a professional.

Real drug reviews Nobivak Triquet Trio and Rabies

Nobivak vaccines are used everywhere in veterinary clinics for more than 5 years. The drug is also recommended by the Rosselkhoznadzor. Reviews of veterinarians and ordinary animal owners are mostly positive.


“Recently acquired a kitten of the Don Sphinx. Naturally immediately taken to the veterinary clinic. The doctor advised the Nobivak vaccine, which could be vaccinated against both rabies and plague. The kitten suffered an injection perfectly: no side effects, changes in behavior. In a year I plan to attribute it to re-vaccination. ”

Anastasia Ivanovna:

“We have three children at home, so when a kitten appeared in the house, I started reading about vaccines. Among the most common and affordable drugs was Nobivak. I got two different types at once: Triquet Trio and Rabies. It was bred and introduced by itself (according to the instructions). No side effects were noticed. "


“My attitude to the vaccine is mixed. She instilled a cat for three years with Rabies in a clinic, without amateur performances. Everything is in order, no complications. And recently she took a kitten from the street, asked to be vaccinated with the same Rabies. Within a day after the injection, the baby began vomiting, the stool became liquid and green. In the veterinary clinic they said that the animal was initially weakened. "

But it’s best to rely on reviews of veterinariansthat keep statistics of vaccine tolerance in animals.

Maxim Stanislavovich

“I have been planting Nobivak since 2013. In general, tolerance is good. A few years ago, there were incidents with swelling subcutaneous bumps, but after the complaint the manufacturer corrected. If you follow the storage rules and use only the original solvent to dilute the suspensions, then there are no problems. And no one is safe from individual allergic reactions: the main thing here is to take the necessary measures in time. ”

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