Sleep on the master: why do cats do this?

Many of us, having started a cat, began to ask a similar non-trivial question: what is the reason for such an unusual choice of a sleeping place for your pet? Felinologists are not yet able to give an intelligible answer that will be exactly right - such a cat's behavior can be caused by several reasons, among which there are logical, scientifically sound, and fantastic, sometimes even mystical justifications of why the cat sleeps on the owner. In order to fully understand the issue, and still find out for yourself why the animal behaves in this way, we suggest considering all the possible reasons for such an unusual place to relax.

Reasons for this phenomenon

All possible causes can be divided into two groups: those based on facts, as well as those based on speculation and esotericism. Let's start with fantastic and inexplicable reasons, while trying to tell you what the true reason for this feline behavior is.

Cat treats a person

The answer to the question of why cats sleep on humans is quite simple, according to this theory: according to old legends and legends, cats have some unusual energy, as well as an absolutely magical ability to "take" human diseases onto themselves. Therefore, the animal lies on an organ or limb that hurts and disturbs a person, and with its magical energy flows heals the diseased part of the body. But what really happens? Is there a more prosaic explanation for this theory?

From the point of view of biology, it is safe to say - of course, there is. By their nature, all cats are very heat-loving animals, which means that they are constantly looking for a warmer place. You yourself can observe how your cat bridges in winter at the battery, or in the kitchen, where the air temperature is often higher than in the rest of the house. That is why the cat sleeps at the feet of the owner - it simply uses the person as a large heating pad.

And in the plane of diseases, it can be noted that any diseased organ has an elevated temperature (most often the inflammatory process proceeds with an increase in the temperature of the focus of the disease), and the cat, feeling a warm area, simply lies on it with the goal of "warming up". Here is such a prosaic explanation. As for the ability to treat diseases, this effect is possible in a number of cases, but it is not explained by the specific energy or superpowers of domestic purses, but simply by the “heating pad effect”, when the animal’s body acts as a warming element that allows the body to better fight the disease .

The cat is warming near the person

As we noted above - this is the main and main reason why cats sleep + on humans - they simply warm themselves, and do not care about the owner, as is commonly thought. In fact, it is worth remembering that all domestic cats are extremely selfish pets, and all their actions are aimed only at meeting their needs and creating better conditions for themselves. This is not their fault or malice - that is how Mother Nature created them like that.

Going to bed with a person in the same bed, cats often climb under the covers, basking near the owner’s body. By the way, this cat’s desire for heat can explain why the cat sleeps on the person’s head - during sleep we don’t cover our heads, therefore the body seeks to warm the brain, which is one of the most important and vulnerable organs. The blood flow of the vessels of the head increases, so that our head becomes a very attractive “heater” for a domestic cat, which uses free energy with pleasure.

Cat feels safe

Another likely explanation for the puzzle of why cats sleep at the feet of a person may be the very nature of cats - they believe that they live in a pride, and therefore feel relatively safe, being near the owner - a large and strong cat (this is how domestic cats perceive humans )

This is one of the options that fits perfectly with the essence of the cat, with their natural instincts. True, some cat lovers who don’t have a soul in their pet give in to emotions and believe that such a cat’s night sleep is a manifestation of boundless love. Maybe so, but there is absolutely no evidence of such an opinion - cats only love themselves.

The cat is trying to show its superiority.

For some reason, this variant of behavior is always forgotten when they discuss the reason why the cat sleeps in the owner’s head, right on the pillow. If we consider the causes of this behavior from the point of view of instincts and natural impulses, we can conclude that in such an uncomplicated way, the representative of the feline genus tries to prove its primacy in the family. Indeed, you must admit - a cat never lies on a pillow just like that - it rubs against its hair, leaving it with its own smell, which is completely elusive to people. Marking the owner in this way, the cat as if wants to declare its rights to a person, note that they are from the same pack.

Also, cats often like to climb on the chest or on the back of a sleeping owner, and sit there, all in all showing their importance and superiority. Everything is clear here - the one who is higher is the king, figuratively speaking. If you are sure that the cat knows its place, and does not pretend to be the rest of your life, you can let him such a prank. But if you already can not control your pet, then letting him sleep on yourself is not a good idea that will only convince the animal of its own superiority.

That’s basically all the reasons why cats sleep on the owner — based on all of them, we can conclude that the animal is only pursuing its own interests and does not show love and care at all. But it is worth remembering that this very essence of a cat is independence and independence, therefore it is unacceptable to scold or punish it for such behavior. If you do not want your purr to rest on the same bed at night with you, then you should take care to create a more comfortable and cozy sleeping place where the cat will be warm and quiet, then most likely, your animal will eventually move there for permanent nights .

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