Serena for cats

Serena is an antiemetic drug that has been used successfully for cats with vomiting of various origins. The highly effective drug was developed by American specialists from the company "Zoetis Inc", but found its recognition among Russian veterinarians.

Dosage form

Serena is available in two versions - a solution for injections and tablets. Each form has its own characteristics. The instructions for use indicate that Serena in tablets is designed for dogs, although in practice it can be used for cats. This indication is only due to the lack of the necessary patent.

Injection solution

Outwardly, it is a transparent liquid, which is characterized by a yellowish color. Glass bottles are used for filling the medicinal fluid. To maintain tightness, they are clogged with rubber plugs that are rolled with aluminum caps. The injection solution is packaged in 20 ml. Packages of a different volume by the manufacturer are not provided.

The active substance, which provides the antiemetic effect of the drug, is maropitant citrate. The composition of the drug also includes thoroughly purified water, sulfobutyl ether, methacresol and sodium beta-cyclodexitrin.

Important! Hermetically sealed preparation can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture, but after opening the bottle, the medicine is suitable for use only for 90 days.


Tablets are available in 4 versions. They have a similar composition, but differ in weight, as well as in the concentration of the active component and auxiliary substances. Only cats weighing 100 and 150 mg, which contain 16 and 24 mg of maropitant, respectively, are suitable for cats. The composition of Serena in this dosage form includes auxiliary components.

On the one hand, the content of the active substance is etched on yellow tablets. A similar feature of the drug can be called an advantage. It will be impossible to exceed the dose, even if the packaging for the medicine for some reason has not been preserved.

4 tablets are packed in blisters of aluminum foil. Also on the tablets there is a dividing groove for convenient division.

Pharmachologic effect

Serena is designed to eliminate the symptom - vomiting. Moreover, it has been successfully used to suppress the vomiting reflex caused at the peripheral or central level. The effectiveness of the drug is due to the fact that the active substance blocks the work of special receptors.

When using injections, the drug begins to act almost immediately after administration. In just 45 minutes, its concentration in the blood reaches a peak. If tablets were used, the highest efficiency occurs only after 1.5-2 hours. Maropitant almost completely binds to blood proteins, so the bioavailability of the drug is 90%. The active substance is metabolized in the liver, after which it is excreted mainly with feces.

The active ingredient belongs to moderately hazardous substances, but its concentration in the medicine is carefully calculated by specialists taking into account the characteristics of the animal organism. Subject to the recommended doses, the drug is completely safe for cats. The active substance has the ability to accumulate in the body. When using the drug for 4-5 days, its concentration in the blood increases.


A bottle with a solution with a capacity of 20 ml costs 4600-4800 rubles. The price of packing Sereniya tablets ranges from 300 to 400 rubles. In many pharmacies they are sold individually (70-80 rubles). Buying a 20-ml bottle of solution for cats is usually impractical, since most of the medicine will have to be discarded after the expiration date. In this regard, in some clinics the drug is sold on bottling. The medicine is immediately collected in a sterile syringe in the required quantity.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

When applied

According to the instructions for use, Serena is prescribed to cats with vomiting of any origin. The medication is successfully used in the following cases:

  • with chemical poisoning;
  • with food poisoning;
  • with motion sickness that occurs during transportation;
  • after anesthesia;
  • with chemotherapy;
  • in oncology;
  • with pathologies of the food system, accompanied by vomiting.

Note! The drug can be used with cystitis, but only as directed by a doctor.

Injections of an antiemetic drug are ideal for cases when the animal vomits when something enters the stomach. The use of tablets in this case is ineffective due to the fact that the active substance does not have time to act before the occurrence of vomiting. In this regard, their cats are given only for the prevention of motion sickness, that is, before the trip. In other cases, injection should be preferred.

Application features

Serena injections are given to cats subcutaneously. For every 10 kg of weight, 1 ml of medicine is needed. To accurately measure the required amount of the drug, it is advisable to use an insulin syringe. In addition, the presence of a thin needle can greatly simplify the administration of drug fluid. Injections can be made at home. With the introduction of an antiemetic, the cat must be firmly fixed, since the injection is painful.

Injections are given once a day. Treatment continues until the vomiting disappears, but no more than 5 days. In practice, 1-2 injections are enough to stop vomiting of the animal, but in severe cases a longer treatment may be needed.

Tablets are used only to prevent motion sickness. You need to give them to your pet a few hours before the trip, so that the medicine begins to act. Serena can be hidden in the feed, as its digestibility and action is independent of food.

In most cases, one appointment is enough for the pet to transfer the trip without any problems. In rare cases, the medication is repeated after a day. Dosage is calculated: 8 mg of active substance per 1 kg of mass, that is, a 100 mg tablet is designed for an animal weighing 2-2.5 kg.

An antiemetic can be combined with antibiotics, painkillers and other drugs, but only a veterinarian can prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

When banned

Contraindications Serena should include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation
  • intolerance to components.

The active component can have a negative effect on the development of offspring, therefore it is not used during the period of gestation or feeding kittens. With intolerance, allergic reactions occur in various manifestations - from a violation of the digestive system to itching and rashes on the skin.

Note! If a cat or cat has liver or kidney pathologies, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian before use.

When using injections of Serenia, overdose symptoms were not detected. If tablets are used, increased salivation and diarrhea may occur if the dose is exceeded. In most cases, the symptoms disappear on their own after the medication is canceled. If signs of an overdose are acute, symptomatic therapy may be used.

Owner reviews

Karina, mistress of 2 Persian cats:

"Serena was prescribed to us several times with vomiting. We used it for both cats. They transferred it well. One injection is enough to forget about vomiting. We bought it in the clinic in syringes. The bottle is very expensive, and I don’t need so much medicine."

Olga, mistress of a 5 year old cat:

“Our cat has a very sensitive food system, so vomiting is a frequent occurrence. In connection with this I had to try different antiemetic drugs, but I think Serena is the best remedy. She always works with one application. The main disadvantage is the very high price. And, unfortunately, in it’s not always the pharmacies of our provincial town. Sometimes I ask friends to bring from the capital. "

Veterinarian reviews

Vladimir, veterinarian from the Panther Clinic in Samara:

"Serena is the best antiemetic drug. It always works 100%. I have been using this drug for cats and dogs for a long time. I have never noticed any side effects or any negative reactions. It’s expensive, but the price is fully justified by its effectiveness."

Lyudmila, a veterinarian with 10 years of experience:

"Serena is a proven remedy for vomiting. Most often I use the drug for food poisoning of any complexity, but the medicine helps to alleviate the condition of the animal after anesthesia or chemotherapy. Usually 1-2 injections are enough. I do not use medication in tablets. At first it was not supplied in this form. Russia, and then got used to injections. Moreover, injections are in most cases considered more effective. "

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