Stop cystitis for cats: a review of the drug

Stop cystitis for cats is a drug designed to prevent and treat diseases of the urinary system. The medicine is available in the form of a suspension and tablets. In this case, the suspension consists of completely natural components and can be used only for prophylactic purposes. The tablets also contain synthetic agents, therefore, they are used for treatment. Those who try to care for their animals without the help of a veterinarian mistakenly believe that both suspension and tablets can cure cystitis. Naturally, a suspension is preferred because of its completely natural composition. As a result, the animal does not receive proper treatment.

When is Stop Cystitis used for cats?

Urinary tract diseases in cats are infrequent. However, you need to closely monitor the feces of the animal in time to recognize the first signs of the problem. The following symptoms should especially alert:

  • difficulty urinating (the animal meows, spins, trembles while going to the toilet);
  • blood is detected in the urine of the pet;
  • the pet constantly licks the genital area;
  • involuntary urination (incontinence).

To prevent the development of diseases of the urinary system, you can periodically give the cat Stop Cystitis in the form of a suspension. The manufacturer focuses on the fact that the liquid form of the drug is not a medicine. A carefully selected herbal collection will allow the animal to be healed, but will not be able to overcome the infection and break up already appeared kidney stones.

Therefore, if the animal suffers from painful symptoms, the instruction for Stop Cystitis for cats recommends changing the suspension to tablets. Ignoring treatment may damage the kidneys and other urinary tract structures. Without an antibiotic (which is only found in tablets), bacteria that cause urinary tract infections can spread through the bloodstream throughout the body and cause systemic diseases.

How to treat a cat with Stop-cystitis?

The instruction for tablets Stop-cystitis for cats suggests that the medicine will help not only eliminate the microorganisms that caused the infection, but also alleviate painful symptoms and prevent possible complications.

Attention! It is forbidden for a cat to “prescribe” pills on her own. Nitroxoline (a strong antibiotic in the composition of the medicine) has many contraindications.

Before prescribing Stop-cystitis tablets, the veterinarian must definitely check the animal’s urine sample. If pathogenic bacteria are not detected in the sample, the doctor will select a less aggressive drug. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then you will have to purchase Stop - cystitis for cats and carry out treatment at home. The duration of therapy is determined by the veterinarian, starting from the results of the tests and the general condition of the animal. Instructions for use Stop cystitis for cats prescribes giving tablets 2 times a day. The dosage is calculated based on the weight of the animal (1 tablet per 5 kg.).

Even if the pet feels better, do not interrupt the course of treatment. Such hindsight may result in a relapse of the disease.

How do stop cystitis tablets work?

The main active ingredient of the drug is the antibiotic Nitroxoline. That is why tablets are not suitable for long-term prevention. Nitroxoline is active against sensitive gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, which usually provoke urinary tract infections.

The second active component of the tablets - drotaverine hydrochloride is an antispasmodic and quickly eliminates painful symptoms during urination. Stop cystitis tablets have a good penetration into the urine. After oral administration, the peak concentration of active components in the blood plasma is observed after one hour, and the maximum concentration in the urine is after 4-5 hours. Nitroxoline in a sufficiently large amount also enters the gastrointestinal tract, so more than 50% of the drug is excreted in the feces, and only 30% in the urine.

Instructions for use Stop cystitis

It is not recommended to give Stop Cystitis tablets to animals:

  • with impaired renal function;
  • with anuria;
  • with severe liver disease;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

There are no side effects (subject to the instructions for the drug and the recommendations of the veterinarian). In case of an overdose, nausea, vomiting, and a violation of normal urination may develop.

First of all, you need to remember that the suspension is a feed additive, and not a drug. This is confirmed by the instruction for Stop Cystitis for cats. Due to the fact that the composition of the supplement contains only completely natural ingredients, you can give it to the cat for two weeks. The daily dosage is calculated based on the formula 4ml. suspension per 5 kg of weight.

Attention! The instruction indicates that the animal should not be given a single dose of more than 2 ml. additives. Accordingly, it is necessary to calculate the daily dose and divide it into several feedings.

Compared to tablets that contain synthetic components, the suspension is less aggressive. A feed supplement will not be able to cope with an infection that has already appeared, but will help the cat's body resist the development of new problems with the urinary system. The main advantage of the Stop Cystitis feed supplement is that it can be given even to cats with liver and kidney diseases.

Even when using a completely natural suspension, it is important to prevent overdose. Medicinal herbs, like any other medicine, have side effects. The constant introduction of an increased dose of the suspension to the animal can ultimately provoke a deterioration in the urinary system. For example, instead of normalizing urination, the cat will begin to suffer from polyuria.

Advice! It is necessary to give the animal a strictly calculated dose. The rule "more is not always better" is the main one for herbal medicine. If it is not possible to give a suspension several times during the day, it is better to abandon prophylaxis in general than give a daily norm in one go.


The composition of the suspension includes a collection of the following herbs:

  • nettle;
  • common knotweed;
  • pusher;
  • lingonberry and birch leaves;
  • licorice;
  • common barberry;
  • goldenrod canadian.

In order to make it more comfortable for the animal to take the supplement, extracts from the above herbs are obtained using special purified glycerin, and not alcohol. Also, the manufacturer guarantees that there are no genetically modified components in the suspension.

What to look for when buying a drug?

Api-San (manufacturer of Stop-cystitis) has all the necessary permits for the production of veterinary supplements and medicines. Each official seller has copies of certificates and licenses. It is very important to buy the original drug, because homemade fees or supplements from unverified manufacturers are not always beneficial for the health of the pet.

For example, for the preparation of the Stop-cystitis feed additive, only those herbs that have been tested for radiological and chemical contamination are used. Unfortunately, in the veterinary industry, many companies use those components that are considered unsuitable for human consumption. But the animal’s body is often more sensitive to chemical pollution than the human. Therefore, when buying natural products, you must pay for the availability of appropriate certificates.

Also on each original packaging of funds from Api-San it is mandatory to indicate:

  • series number;
  • production date;
  • terms and conditions of storage;
  • name and numbers of relevant permits;
  • details of the manufacturer;
  • PCT mark;
  • the name of the main active ingredients (for tablets);
  • prefix "Bio" (for suspension).

Inside the box there must be an insert with detailed instructions for use.

The price of tablets and suspensions

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

The price of a feed supplement, tablets, as a rule, does not exceed 250 rubles, however, the price may vary depending on the city.

Real reviews about tablets and suspensions Stop cystitis

Polina, 24 years old:

“One day, my beloved cat, Mushka, started screaming a lot before going to the toilet. I immediately took the cat to the vet. The doctor prescribed us an antibiotic and a suspension of Stop Cystitis. After a week, the pain in the cat completely stopped. And recently, she again began to meow strongly while going to the toilet. I decided to give her Stop Cystitis without an antibiotic. No effect! So the suspension for treatment is not good at all. "

Zinaida, 28 years old:

“I bought pills for cats. Stop cystitis as prescribed by a veterinarian. The doctor recommended a prophylaxis before surgery to sterilize cats. I was worried for a long time about giving antibiotics to my favorites (they never had any problems with the urinary system). But on the other hand, after the sterilization operation, there were no complications. I think that this is still a great merit of pills. "

Alena, 39 years old:

“The child begs a British kitten. After the purchase, I learned that this is one of the most painful breeds. Instilled literally from everything, regularly give pills for worms. A couple of times a year I buy Stop-cystitis for prevention. The drug is quite expensive, but the cat does not cause side effects. For three years now no problems have been observed. ”

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