Urolex for cats

Urolex is an effective herbal medicine that is used for cats with urolithiasis, as well as pathologies of the kidneys and urinary tract. It has a wide spectrum of action, so it can be used both for monotherapy (treatment with one drug), and in combination with other drugs. The formula of the medication was developed by the domestic manufacturer of veterinary drugs - the Agrovetzashchita company.

General description

Urolex is made in the form of a liquid, which is intended for oral administration. The manufacturer prepares urological drops in 20 ml polymer bottles or 50 ml glass containers. The composition and concentration of active components in different packages is similar, the difference is only in volume. Bottles are supplied with special droppers and pipettes. Their presence allows you to quickly and conveniently measure the required amount of the drug. There is no need to use a separate pipette, syringe or other device.

Externally, the liquid is brown. Hue can vary from red-brown to dark brown. With prolonged storage, sediment may appear at the bottom. When shaken, it usually dissolves without problems in a liquid. The drug is characterized by the smell of herbs.

There are no special requirements for the storage of the medicine. You need to observe only a few simple conditions:

  • choose a dry place away from sunlight;
  • observe the temperature regime - from 5 to 30˚C;
  • prevent children and animals from accessing the medicine.

Always pay attention to the expiration date and never use drops after its expiration.


When buying urological drops for a cat, please note that the price of Urolex depends on the volume of the bottle:

  • 20 ml - about 150 rubles;
  • 50 ml - about 300 rubles.

For cats and cats, a small bottle is usually quite enough, so there is no need to overpay. You can easily buy medicine at any veterinary pharmacy or pet store. You can order the drug on the Internet.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Composition and pharmacological properties

Urolex has a pronounced antispasmodic and antiseptic effect. It effectively and quickly removes the symptoms of the disease, prevents its further development and eliminates the cause. The basis of the medication is herbal extracts:

  • Goldenrod is able to quickly relieve spasms and remove pain. In addition, the components present in this plant prevent the fixation of salt crystals on the surface of the kidneys and bladder, as well as their growth.
  • Horsetail field complements the actions of goldenrod. It also reduces the likelihood of the formation of salts of phosphates and urates, which prevents the recurrence of urolithiasis in animals.
  • Birch leaves have a mild diuretic effect.
  • Bearberry leaves have a diuretic effect and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, but also have other beneficial properties. The plant is able to destroy harmful microorganisms that cause inflammation in the urinary system.

The components that perform an auxiliary function in the composition are glycerin and water, which has passed a high degree of purification.

Note! According to the classification in accordance with GOST of the 76th year, Urolex urological drops are low-hazard drugs. They do not have toxic effects on the liver, do not cause mutations and other irreversible processes in the animal body. They are considered safe for cats of any breed and age, but before using it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.

When applied

According to the instructions for use, Urolex for cats with chronic and acute diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract is prescribed as part of complex therapy, that is, with other drugs. Use it in the following cases:

  • with cystitis;
  • with urocystitis;
  • with glomerulonephritis;
  • with pyelonephritis;
  • with other pathologies of the kidneys, bladder or urinary tract caused by bacteria, infections or other factors.

The drug is successfully used to treat urolithiasis and prevent its recurrence.

Features of use and dose

Urological drops are forcibly given to the root of the tongue or cheek. If this procedure is difficult, then the medicine is mixed with a small amount of drinking water, and then it is drunk out of the syringe without a needle.

Important! Take the drug one hour before feeding. So plant components are easier and faster to digest, more effective.

The dosage of the drug is calculated simply - 3 drops per 1 kg of pet weight. If you do not know the mass of a cat or cat, before starting treatment, the animal will have to weigh in order to correctly calculate the dose. Before use, the contents of the vial must be shaken. You need to take drops 3 times a day. The duration of treatment in each case is determined by the doctor individually, depending on the symptoms, characteristics of the course of the disease and other factors. In any case, the course of treatment cannot exceed 1 month.

You should strictly adhere to the treatment regimen prescribed by your doctor and avoid omissions, because they reduce the effectiveness and therapeutic effect of Urolex. If you could not avoid the pass, you need to return to treatment as soon as possible, while the dosage and time intervals between doses remain the same.

Contraindications and side effects

Urolex is a completely herbal preparation that does not contain chemical and toxic components. For this reason, it has no contraindications and can be used for cats regardless of their age, breed or health status. Urological drops are approved for use by pregnant and lactating females, as well as small kittens and old weakened animals. The only limitation is the individual intolerance of plant components, which is quite rare.

The drug is well tolerated by animals and does not cause side effects even when the dose is exceeded. In animals with hypersensitivity, the components of the drops can cause an allergic reaction. It can manifest itself in different ways - from skin rashes and itching to indigestion and vomiting. In this case, the medication is canceled and another remedy is selected for treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Urolex has many advantages:

  • Contains only natural ingredients.
  • Effectively acting.
  • It can be used for animals of different ages.
  • Suitable for the treatment of pregnant cats and females that feed offspring.
  • It can be used to prevent urolithiasis.
  • No special storage conditions are required.

The main disadvantage of the drug is that it needs to be given three times a day, and the course of treatment is usually long. For many cats, taking medications, including urological drops, is a real stress, so they strongly resist the procedure. Owners of animals and veterinarians did not notice other obvious minuses during use.

Owner reviews

Pauline, mistress of a British cat:

"For our cat, we try to buy only the best feed, but digestive problems sometimes happen. I also had to deal with urolithiasis. The treatment was long and painful - injections, pills and drops for 3 weeks, and also a special diet. Now ( on the advice of a veterinarian) we take Urolex twice a year to prevent relapse. Drops work fine, at least for almost three years the disease has not returned.

Marina, mistress of an 8-year-old cat:

"For the first time, Urolex was used in combination with other drugs when a cat found a stone in the bladder. After successful treatment, the doctor gave instructions regarding nutrition and recommended taking Urolex periodically for prevention. Surprisingly, my cat does not even resist when drops are poured into his mouth "and they work really effectively. At the first sign of a disease, they quickly cure spasms and restore kidney function."

Anna, mistress of the Abyssinian cat:

"A couple of years ago, our cat was diagnosed with urolithiasis. Now we are constantly taking medications to prevent relapse. We used to use Cat Erwin, but when he was not at the pharmacy once, I bought Urolex. Excellent drops. They are not inferior in effectiveness, not bitter and cost cheaper, but they last longer (almost twice). A good tool for the prevention of urolithiasis in pets. "

Veterinarian reviews

Peter, a veterinarian with 10 years of experience:

"I heard a lot of positive reviews from my colleagues about these urological drops, although I myself usually prefer Cat Erwin to prevent urolithiasis. In any case, the herbal preparation is safe for animals and is not able to harm them."

Inna, veterinarian with 8 years of experience:

"Urolex is prescribed for inflammatory processes in combination with other drugs. In addition, it is the most affordable and effective tool for the prevention of urolithiasis. All of my" patients "for whom this drug was used managed to avoid a relapse of the pathology. The medicine is natural and can be used almost for all cats and cats. "

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