Drops for dogs from an ear tick

Ear mite infestation (ie, otodectosis), some owners naively consider a "trifling" disease that does not pose a danger to the dog. But this is not so. Pathology may well lead to complete hearing loss or sepsis. And therefore, for treatment and prevention, drops for dogs from an ear tick are definitely needed.

Why are ear mites dangerous for dogs?

Finally, we will determine what the ear mites are dangerous for dogs:

  • Almost 100% increased risk of otitis media.
  • Allergic reactions are possible.
  • The risk of fungal infections of the ear increases dramatically.
  • In sick animals, a significant decrease in immunity is observed.

How to bury a dog’s ears properly

And now we’ll tell you how to bury a dog’s ears properly. In order for the preparation to show the highest possible efficiency, it is first necessary to clean the ears using cotton buds or discs moistened with sterile vegetable oil or 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Having instilled the medicine, it is necessary to fold the auricle in two and massage its base: this way the medicine will be better distributed over all the “nooks” and will no longer leak from the ears.

List of drugs: their advantages and disadvantages

So, on the pages of this article we describe the main tools used in the treatment and prevention of otodectosis in dogs. Of course, the entire list of drugs within the material is unrealistic (there are a lot of them), but we will describe the main and most effective means.


The drug has not only acaricidal action. It inhibits the activity of microbial microflora, accelerates the healing of tick-affected tissues, and also prevents the development of allergic reactions. The medicine is specialized, it is used only for the treatment of otodectosis. The composition contains miconazole and prednisone (the latter has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect).

For two weeks, a sick pet is dripped with five drops in each ear once, daily.

It is strictly forbidden to use the product if the dog has an eardrum damaged (or there is suspicion of it).

There are no other contraindications, drops are allowed to be used to treat even pregnant and lactating bitches.


As in the past case, the drug not only destroys ticks, but also suppresses inflammation, constricts blood vessels (which also helps against inflammation and allergic reactions), inhibits the development of fungal microflora, and also has a local anesthetic effect. Ivermectin is the main "percussion agent", tetracaine is used as an auxiliary anesthetic.

A weekly duration of treatment is indicated. The medicine is dripped twice a day, every day. A complete contraindication to the use of the medicine is also any damage to the eardrum of the dog. In addition, other acaricidal drugs, especially based on ivermectin and its analogues, cannot be used simultaneously with Oricin. This is done to avoid damage to the liver and kidneys.


These are also drops, but not ear drops (for application to the withers). The drug is very "versatile": with its help it is possible to treat not only otodectosis, but also protect the animal from other ticks, other bloodsuckers, as well as worms. The advantage of the medicine is that with its help you can cope with almost any cases of ear tick infestation. The main component is selamectin.

We emphasize once again - you can use drops only externally, it is strictly forbidden to bury it in your ears! It can be applied only on the base of the skull, between the shoulder blades, and also along the vertebrae. It is used once. Re-treat your pet is possible, but only after a month.


In the case of Stronghold, contraindications need to be described separately:

  • It is forbidden to handle pets under the age of six months.
  • Do not treat weakened pets, as well as patients.
  • The medicine and wet skin are incompatible!

Selamectin is quite toxic, and therefore it is strongly not recommended to eat, drink, smoke, etc. during treatment. In addition, within two hours after treatment, it is forbidden to let the dog in to the children.


Helps to destroy ticks, and also relieves inflammation and inhibits the development of secondary pathogenic microflora. As the active substance, diazinon is used. The treatment is twofold: on the first day, three drops of the drug are instilled into the ear once in the animal. After a week, the procedure is repeated, the dose is the same, but the treatment is carried out twice a day. If this is necessary, after another two weeks you can conduct a second course of treatment.

The medicine is not allowed to be used to treat dogs with mechanical damage to the ear canal (the components of the drug can enter the bloodstream).

Otoferonol Gold

A specific drug is used only for the treatment of otodectosis. It has a powerful acaricidal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. The composition includes an alcoholic extract of propolis, the main active ingredient is deltamethrin, as well as cycloferon.

The course of treatment is five drops in each ear, once a day with an interval of one week. If necessary, the therapeutic course can be repeated.


These drops are used as an aid in the treatment of otodectosis. They have anti-inflammatory effects, soften the skin and accelerate regeneration processes, inhibit the development of putrefactive and fungal microflora in the lumen of the auditory canals.

The composition includes: amitrase and dimexide. Apply six times, every other day. Five drops are instilled into each ear. It is strongly recommended not to use during pregnancy.


One of the best drugs. These drops have a combined effect, allowing you to simultaneously destroy ticks, suppress inflammatory and allergic reactions. In addition, the tool is characterized by a weaker antifungal effect. The drug is specific, designed specifically for the treatment of otodectosis. The composition contains lindane and prednisone.

For small dogs, five drops are instilled in each ear, for representatives of medium breeds - 15 drops, for large animals - 30 drops. In the first week of treatment, the medicine is used daily, once a day. The next month - once a day, twice a week. It is strictly forbidden to treat dogs with these drops in case of damage to the last eardrum.

Amit Forte

An excellent antiparasitic drug with a pronounced antiallergic effect. The composition is diphenhydramine and fipronil. Processing is carried out twice: first, the animal is instilled with five drops in each ear twice a day, exactly one week later the procedure is repeated. After another two weeks (if necessary), processing can be carried out again.


  • It is strictly forbidden to treat pregnant and lactating bitches.
  • Do not handle puppies younger than one month old.
  • They should not treat sick or recovering pets from infections.

As in the case of Stronghold, you can not drink, smoke, eat while using the drug. During the day after treatment, the dog should not be allowed to come into contact with young children.

Ear Prevention and Care

An important role is played by prevention and ear care. First, let's talk about ear care:

  • If the pet belongs to the representatives of long-haired breeds, long hairs near the ear canals themselves need to be cut from time to time.
  • Long-eared pets need care for the ears themselves: at least every two weeks they should be carefully inspected, greased with scratches and abrasions with disinfectant solutions. The inner surface of the ears at the same time can be lubricated with ordinary baby cream.
  • The dog's ears should be regularly cleaned of crusts and sulfur deposits. To do this, use ordinary cotton buds and sterile vegetable oil (you can buy at a pharmacy or make it yourself in a water bath).

Preparations for the prevention of otodectosis

Below I would like to talk about a couple of funds that are specifically designed for both the prevention of otodectosis and ear care.


An excellent tool used by dog ​​breeders to remove ear wax from their pets. It is possible and necessary to use it as part of complex therapy with otodectosis already existing in the animal. The composition includes chlorhexidine, a special supplement TRIS-EDTA, as well as lactic acid.

Three drops of lotion should be instilled into each ear. After 15 minutes, using sterile cotton swabs or discs, the remnants of the product from the ears are removed, along the way, "scraping" the deposits of sulfur and dead skin.

If at this time the dog is treated for otodectosis, the main drugs are used half an hour after Otodin.

Epic otik

Also an excellent tool, actively used by experienced dog breeders (especially owners of long-eared dogs love it). It not only perfectly removes sulfur deposits and old skin, but also helps maintain normal ear microflora. When used regularly, it completely eliminates odors from the dog’s ears. It soothes the itch, accelerates the regeneration processes, normalizes the skin structure. It contains sodium docusate, monosaccharides, as well as salicylic acid.

For prevention, use twice a week in the same way as in the previous case. In the treatment of otodectosis is used as an adjuvant, used up to three times a day throughout the duration of treatment.

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