In Austria for tourists will appear a code of conduct with cows

Many tourists do not know how to behave when meeting with cows. How to approach (or better not to approach at all!) And what should not be done in any case - all this will be said in the new special code, which is currently being developed by the Austrian authorities.

Important! The code of practice can be used when meeting with cows in any other country, because cows, in general, everywhere react equally to people, and still do not like dogs.

The code is developed not by local comedians, but by members of the cabinet of the government, since the problem of improper behavior of tourists with these animals annually leads to accidents. Tourists need to be particularly careful even when meeting with a lonely grazing boleta, not to mention whole herds.

The incident in February of this year in Innsbruck served as a powerful impetus for the adoption of the code. In this city, cows attacked a tourist from Germany, who was walking with a dog through the meadows in the Alps. The unfortunate 45-year-old victim of aggressive cows died before the doctors arrived. The guilty party was named the farmer who owned the herd. He had to pay a large fine, although the dog of the tourist, who began to bark and throw at the cows, became the instigator of the conflict.

The main goal of legislative acts is to protect tourists from animal attacks and to ensure that farmers do not bear burdensome financial responsibility for such incidents.

Until the end of the legal act has not yet been developed, but it will be based on the fact that a tourist violating the code will pay a fine. In particular, the rules for walking tourists on pastures with pets will be established, since it is dogs that most often provoke cows to aggressive actions. The Code will also contain other recommendations for tourists, as well as oblige farmers to install warning signs and information boards.

Watch the video: Austria plans hikers code of conduct after tourist trampled by cows (January 2020).