Chinese cat Li Hua: crouching tiger, hiding dragon

The tiger is a cult animal for the Chinese, embodying military prowess, ferocity and fearlessness. It is believed that even the image of a tiger drives away otherworldly forces, protects from demons. And a real tiger in the house, even a miniature one, is the best weapon against any evil spirits. The Chinese cat, of course, is not quite a tiger, but the attitude towards it is not just a domestic animal, but a living talisman that does not leave a single chance to evil spirits.

History reference

For many centuries, the territory of the Celestial Empire was inhabited by Gobian cats - medium-sized striped beauties, fearful, but without obvious aggression towards people. For hunting, they chose places near villages where countless rodents lived in the fields and in barns. It is believed that the Chinese cat Lee Hua is a descendant of domesticated Gobian cats thousands of years ago. Small "tigers" are mentioned in historical documents, images of typical whales are adorned with the works of ancient masters of China - artists, jewelers, potters, blacksmiths.
The official status in the CFA cat breed Chinese Li Hua received only in 2010. But already in 2003, the first "cubs" were on display at an exhibition in Beijing. In the USA, the breed takes an honorable third place in the ranking of "15 most beautiful striped cats", second only to American bobtail and toygers. But for Russians Li Hua, the cat is too ordinary, and therefore does not attract the attention of breeders - the representatives of this rare breed are very similar to our Vasek and Murziks.


The charm of Li Hua in their naturalness is strong, medium-sized animals that give the impression of skillful hunters. The back is straight, the limbs are muscular, the tail of medium length tapers slightly towards the tip. The Chinese cat breed Li Hua is the ideal proportions of a predator. A confident independent look of bright green or rich yellow almond-shaped eyes emphasizes a certain wildness of the image. The muzzle is neat, slightly elongated, but not pointed. The nose is of medium length, the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is smooth - a neat depression without sharp “steps” and angles.
The highlight of these cats is a short fur coat of a "tiger" color that fits well to the body. Only one color option is allowed - brown tabby. The breed Li Hua looks very impressive - coal stripes on a warm background are brightly outlined, almost merging into rings on the legs and tail. The muzzle is decorated with the makeup of the “goddess” - eyeliner, lines from the eyes on the cheeks, a distinct “M” on the forehead. On the chest are a series of necklaces, one of which must be closed. On the stomach - a scattering of touching "buttons". Anthracite dots in the corners of the lips - the cat smiles slyly.


"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is an artistic interpretation of the Chinese expression, the meaning of which corresponds to the Russian proverb, "There are devils in a quiet pool." Among domestic animals, the Chinese cat Li Hua is a dragon, calm and wise, malleable, all-forgiving. In Chinese culture, dragons personify everything that is bright and positive. By the way, Europeans and Americans, speaking of Li Hua, call these cats Li dragons. So, in every peace-loving dragon lives a tiger - a warlike, ruthless, but just punisher. Do not believe? Then try to offend Li Hua or violate its borders without the consent of the owner - the affectionate, good-natured cat immediately turns from a peaceful "dragon" into a fierce "tiger".
But Li Hua is not at all a bloodthirsty person. Just handle these cats should be careful, with a share of respect. Force, shouting and coercion from Li Hua did not achieve anything. To the honor of the breeders, the Chinese cat is endowed with tolerance and wisdom - these animals are easy to raise, they understand a person almost without words.

Maintenance and care

Li Hua is picky and capricious. They feel great both in a small apartment and in the adjoining territory. Little “tigers” like to be on the move - they play a lot, exploring the world with tireless enthusiasm. But these "tigers" are really creeping - despite curiosity and mobility, Li Hua will not create noise and mess. Of course, if she is provided with suitable conditions: educational toys, "branchy" game complexes, climbing shelves, etc.
In relations with children, the Chinese breed of cats Li Hua can become a careful nanny or a harmful imp. It all depends on the parents - it is important to explain to the baby that these cats, despite sociability, respect personal boundaries. Outsiders Li Hua are indifferent if the guests are not too intrusive. Among pets, Li Hua dominates, winning the championship by cunning. Cages with small animals are best removed away - the hunting instinct in these cats is perfectly developed.
Caring for Li Hua is extremely simple. Short coat of glossy harsh structure does not collect dust and almost does not fade due to lack of undercoat. They rarely bathe these cats, comb out a couple of times a month.


The breed of cats Li Hua is an indigenous animal of natural proportions, without surging blood of other breeds, and this is always good health, excellent immunity and high life expectancy.

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