Bathing dog. Everything worth knowing!

Despite the fact that many dogs love water and everything connected with it, often the animal does not need to bathe. An exception may be only an unpleasant odor, excessive pollution. Frequent washing of the dog with various cleaning agents is all the more harmful. This will damage the skin and cause irritation of the mucous membranes. They generally should be used extremely rarely. Even if the dog fell out in the mud, it is enough just to rinse it under water, and then send it to dry out on the street.

If there is a need to use shampoo, you can only use a special one. Please note that all such shampoos are designed for different situations. There are those that soften the skin of the animal and moisturize the hair, and there are shampoos that aim to get rid of dead skin. Special shampoos help get rid of parasites; they are most often applied specifically to the skin of a dog.

There are cases when it is important to get professional advice before using shampoo. This applies to those situations if the dog has skin problems and health problems. Pay attention to various changes in the coat, on bald spots. This will help to avoid diseases, including ringworm.

In order to wet the hair of the animal, it is better to use old towels. Paper is poorly absorbed and can only wipe a small animal. You can use a dryer to dry, but blow your pet with cool air.

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